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Norbert Frýd

Norbert Frýd (born as Norbert Fried ) (born April 21, 1913 in Budweis ; † May 17, 1976 in Prague ) was a Czech writer and publicist of Jewish descent.


He graduated from high school in Budweis . Since 1932 he studied literature and law at the Charles University in Prague. At the same time he had been working as a copywriter and dramaturge in a film company from 1936. At the beginning of the Second World War he initially worked as an archivist and worker, but was then imprisoned as a Jew in the Theresienstadt concentration camp , Auschwitz concentration camp and finally in Dachau concentration camp , from where he managed to escape in 1945. After the war he was the only one to return from his family and worked in the diplomatic service as a cultural attaché of Czechoslovakia in the USA and Mexico . From 1951 to 1953 he was employed by the radio; he got to know Cuba and Guatemala , participated in the expedition to the newly discovered Mayan city ​​of Bonampak . On his way in South America he was accompanied by Adolf Hoffmeister , who wrote down his impressions in the book “Skyscrapers in the Urwald”. From 1953 he later devoted himself only to writing. In 1965 he received the "Honored Artist" award.


Novels and short stories

  • Card index of the living (Krabice živých) (1956, German Berlin 1959, 1961)
  • The empress. Novel of Charlotte of Mexico (Císařovna, German Berlin 1975)
  • The lost tape (narrative) (1963, German Leipzig 1966)
  • The vulture fountain (Studna supů 1953, German Berlin 1954)
  • Kat nepočká

Memory prose

Travel reports

  • Smiling Guatemala (Usměvavá Guatemala) (1955, German Berlin 1962)
  • Mexico is in America (Mexico je v Americe) (1952, German 1956)
  • S pimprlaty do Kalkaty

youth book

  • All together (Pustte basu do rozhlasu! Berlin 1948, under the author's name Norbert Fried)
  • The Major Hogan Case (1952, German 1961)
  • Let the bass in the broadcasting house (1937, German 1947 and 1968 under the title Fairy Tales of New Things ) (Also included in All Together )

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