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Oecher Platt

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North Rhine-Westphalia ( Aachen )


West Germanic
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Western Ripuarian
  • Öcher Platt

As Aachen dialect [ œɕɐ ] is called the central German dialect , in Aachen is spoken. It is a transitional dialect that belongs to the Ripuarian dialect group , but its characteristics are also influenced by many influences from southern Lower Franconia .

The Oecher Platt has a distinctive language melody that sounds strange to people from other German-speaking regions and is often referred to as "Singsang".


Oecher means “Aachener” in Oecher Platt , which makes it clear that the dialect is localized to the city of Aachen. This is analogous to surrounding cities, where, for example, the Dürener Platt or the Eschweiler Platt is spoken. Since the letter sequence “ch” is pronounced differently in Oecher Platt than in the standard German pronunciation “sch” (actually a voiceless alveolopalatal fricative [ɕ] ), the self-name is written Oecher Platt, but pronounced Öscher Platt (with a short ö ).

Linguistic classification

Oecher Platt is hardly understandable for people who only understand standard German. It belongs to the Ripuarian dialect group .

The Aachener Platt has a lot of kinship with the dialects of the neighboring province of Limburg in the Netherlands , especially with the Vaalser Platt ("Völzer"), Bocholtzer Platt ("Bocheser") and the Kerkrader Platt ("Kirchröadsj"), as well as with the Eupener Platt in northern German-speaking Belgium .

In terms of functional words, the similarities between Oecher Platt and Dutch range from Aachen to Stolberger Platt ("Schtollbärjer Platt") and thus form a clear distinction from the central Rhineland ( Kölsch ). They also differ from the dialects of the southern Lower Rhine and the central Rhineland due to their vowelism, consonantism and conspicuous forms in the plural and past tense.

Oecher Platt should not be confused with the Aachen variant of the Rhenish Regiolect , which is more widespread in everyday life and is closer to standard German , which has partly adopted grammatical peculiarities and some words and expressions from Oecher Platt .

Vocabulary, idioms and expressions

Öcher Platt Standard German
Hazz heart
net Not
jlatte jrosche someone who cannot be packed ("smooth penny").
If you don't say anything, you go crazy If it's not raining, then it's dripping.
I han et Hazz av ("I've got my heart off"); means: "I can no longer!"
Oh dear! Expression of compassion
dubbele merssi Many thanks
I'm cold I'm cold
denial stupid talk

Source: City of Aachen - Original Öcher

Dissemination and maintenance

The dialect has also been spoken less and less in Aachen since the Second World War, so that it is mainly used by older people who grew up in Aachen.

The vernacular is cultivated in many Aachen associations and institutions. In addition to the “Oecher Platt e. V. ”it is primarily the dialect theaters“ Alt-Aachener Bühne 1919 e. V. ”,“ Oecher Schängche ”,“ Aachener Heimattheater Bühnenfreunde 1947 e. V. ”and since 1990 the“ Oecher Verzäll e. V. “, which are dedicated to the Aachen dialect. At some Aachen schools, too, young people are introduced to this dialect in the form of working groups or project weeks. After all, church masses are celebrated in Oecher Platt on various occasions throughout the year. In addition, the THOUET Dialect Prize of the City of Aachen is awarded annually for special services to the promotion, maintenance and care of the Aachen dialect .

The Oecher Platt is mainly used on a larger scale during carnival . Hand-made speeches, carnival songs, banners and the like are kept in flat style. Aachen carnival meetings and events are therefore sometimes difficult to follow for people from other areas of Germany.


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