Oibalos (King of Sparta)

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Oibalos ( Greek  Οἴβαλος ) was a king of Sparta , whose place in the order of the Spartan kings is given quite differently according to different sources.


According to a variant that Apollodorus indicates, he is the son of Perieres , according to others of Kynortas , the "dog awakening". Others call him the son of Argalos .

As the husband of the Gorgophone , the daughter of Perseus - after her marriage to Perieres the first widow who married a second time - he fathered Arene , Tyndareos and Ikarios , who would later become the father-in-law of Odysseus . According to other information, he fathered this as well as the hippocoon with the nymph Bateia . Also Peirene is of Pausanias called his daughter.

When Oibalos died, Hippocoon took the throne. A heroon was established for him in Sparta . His descendants are called Oibalids, and the Spartans are sometimes called that. He was the namesake of Oibalia , today's Taranto .


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Perieres King of Sparta
13th century BC Chr.
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