Ottaviano Petrucci

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Frontispiece of the Harmonice Musices , 1501
Page from Lamentationum Jeremie , 1506

Ottaviano Petrucci (born June 18, 1466 in Fossombrone near Urbino , † May 7, 1539 in Venice ) was an Italian printer and the first major music publisher . He is an important representative of the Venetian printing press .

Petrucci invented sheet music printing using movable types of metal and thus determined the course of music history. He received the patent for the sheet music printing from the Venetian Republic in 1498, but he had to sell it due to expensive experiments. The three part process (first the staves , the text and then carefully the notes on it) is very fine and precise. Examples are in the collection of the British Museum . His collection of masses , the Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A (published May 15, 1501), was the first polyphonic music to be printed. (Around 1507 he printed four lute books, including works by Francesco Spinacino and Joan Ambrosio Dalza ).

The International Music Score Library Project has been operated by Project Petrucci LLC since June 2008 and has since been subtitled the Petrucci Music Library .


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