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Otto Hausburg (born February 24, 1831 in Tiegenhof ; † March 8, 1920 in Berlin ) was a farmer, director of a slaughterhouse and member of the German Reichstag .


Hausburg attended high schools in Elbing and Königsberg in Prussia and the agricultural academy in Regenwalde in Pomerania . He was a practical farmer and landowner, and in 1861 he was elected Secretary General of the East Prussian Agricultural Central Association. In 1863 he founded the agricultural village newspaper and in 1864 the agricultural and forestry newspaper . From 1873 to 1874 he was a city councilor in Königsberg in Prussia. Hausburg moved to Berlin in 1874 and took over the secretariat of the German Agriculture Council and the Congress of German Farmers. Between 1881 and 1901 he was the first administrative director of the central cattle and slaughterhouse in Berlin. On the former site of this slaughterhouse there is now a Hausburgstrasse, the Hausburg quarter, the Hausburg park and the Hausburg primary school.

From 1877 to 1878 he was a member of the German Reichstag for the Reichstag constituency of the administrative district of Danzig 1 . He remained an independent liberal in the Reichstag and did not join any parliamentary group.

Hausburgstrasse in Berlin-Friedrichshain is named after Otto Hausburg.


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