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Otto Spamer

Johann Christian Gottlieb Franz Otto Spamer (born August 29, 1820 in Darmstadt ; † November 27, 1886 in Leipzig ) was a German bookseller and publisher (contemporary publishing house bookseller ) for books and magazines in Leipzig. As an author, he partly used the pseudonym Franz Otto, which was derived from his first name .


After an apprenticeship with Edward salvation in Darmstadt and a few years in which he in Aschaffenburg and in Leipzig with Johann Jacob Weber gathered professional experience, he set out in 1847 in Leipzig as a bookseller independently . The revolution of 1848 took him via Vienna to Turkey . After his return to Leipzig, it took some time for his bookstore to regain a foothold.

His publishing focus lay in the area of ​​family and folk writings as well as children's and youth literature, which were usually richly illustrated editions.

Larger works and series

  • Illustrated youth and home library
  • Otto Spamers Illustrated Library of Country and Ethnology to expand the knowledge of foreigners
  • Illustrated conversation lexicon, comparative reference book for everyday use. House treasure for the German people and "Orbis pictus" for the student youth. 1870-1882.
  • Friedrich von Hellwald : Central Asia. Landscapes and peoples in Kashgar, Turkestan, Kashmir and Tibet. With special consideration for Russia's aspirations and its cultural profession. 1875.
  • Friedrich Christmann: Australia. History of Discovery and Colonization. Pictures from the life of the settlers in the bush and city. 2nd edition, 1880.
The book of inventions
  • Friedrich Georg Wieck : The book of inventions, trade and industries.
    • 3rd edition (2 parts in 3 volumes), 1857–1858.
    • 4th edition (4 volumes), 1859–1862. (Including Supplementary Volume 1–6: The latest advances in the field of commercial life and manufacture. )
    • Supplementary volume The world traffic and its means to the 5th edition, 1868.
    • 6th edition, 1872-1874.
    • 2nd edition of the supplementary volume, 1875.
    • 7th edition, 1876–1879.
    • 8th edition (9 volumes), 1889–1893.
    • 9th edition (10 volumes), 1896–1901.
      This 9th edition in particular offers a kaleidoscope on the economic and cultural history of the western world at the end of the 19th century, which impresses not least with its rich and elaborate illustrations and is still used today as a "printed source ".
    • The book of inventions. (Edition in one volume), edited by Lassar Cohn , 1901.
    • Edition in Swedish: Uppfinningarnas bok. (6 volumes and supplementary volume) 1873–1875. ( Digitized version )

Other titles

  • Friedrich Körner: Illustrated geographical pictures from Austria. In descriptions of nature, history, industry and folk life. 1856.
  • Heinrich Birnbaum : The realm of clouds. Lectures on the physics of the air cycle and atmospheric phenomena. 1859.
  • Otto Spamer: Vehme or Justice? Appellation to public opinion regarding an opinion of the Leipzig Expert Association I. Section dated November 10, 1858, whereby the same declares the content of the accused book: Livingstone, the Missionary, etc. to be lawful and yet seriously offends its publisher's honor. A pamphlet written to justify it and in the interests of the entire German book trade. 1859.
  • Ida von Reinsberg-Düringsfeld , The book of memorable women. In images of life and time. Festival for mothers and daughters. 1871.
  • Hugo Schramm: Illustrirte Chronicle of the German National War in the year of German unification 1870-71. (8 volumes) 1872.
  • Karoline Goepel: Illustrirte art history. Wanderings through the realm of the fine arts, on the paths of their development. For the more mature German youth, especially for the daughters of the educated classes. 1879. (later also included in the Illustrated Youth and House Library series)
  • Otto von Leixner : Illustrated history of the German literacy in popular representation. (2 volumes) 1880/1881.
  • Otto von Leixner: Illustrated history of foreign literatures. (2 volumes) 1882/1883.
  • Otto Kaemmel : Illustrirte history of the modern time. (2 volumes) 1883.
  • Johanna von Sydow: The housewife's book. Handover for women and virgins to establish the house and to ensure domestic prosperity and comfort. Prepared according to the requirements of the present. 1884.
  • Arthur Wilke: Electricity, its generation and its application in industry and commerce. 1899.


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