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The Partai Demokratik Maubere PDM ( Portuguese Maubere Democrata Partido ; German : about Democratic Party of Maubere -Volkes ) was a party in East Timor.


The word " Mauchte " was originally a name for the East Timorese people of the Mambai and was taken up in the 1970s by José Ramos-Horta as a name for the entire East Timorese population.

It can be read on various occasions that the PDM is one of the few East Timorese parties whose name is not Portuguese, but Tetum . However, "democratic party" means in Tetum partidu demokrátiku (see PMD ). The spelling of the name seems to come from Indonesian .


PDM seems to have its roots in APODETI . It was founded on October 19, 2000 in Dili by student activists and was a member of the Conselho Nacional de Resistência Timorense (CNRT), PDM members were, however, neither represented in its Permanent Council nor in the so-called National Consultative Council (NCC), which heads the UN interim administration advised. The party leader was Paulo Sarmento Pinto . Other leading members were Gregorio Sebastião Lobo and Armindo Sanches .

Performing in elections

In the election for the Constituent Assembly on August 30, 2001 , the PDM drew up a list of 54 candidates and four district candidates from Lautém , Dili , Ainaro and Manufahi . It became the weakest party with 1788 votes (0.49%). It did not even skip the de facto threshold and therefore did not win any of the 88 seats.

In the 2007 parliamentary elections , the PDM no longer ran.

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