Paul the Younger Child

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Paulus Child the Younger (born January 25, 1783 in Chur ; † December 12, 1875 there ) was a Swiss Reformed pastor .


Paul's child the younger came from a Chur family of clergymen. In Chur he attended the "Collegium philosophicum" after 1797, and after 1804 he studied theology at the University of Tübingen . In 1807 he moved to the University of Heidelberg ; 1809 to the University of Basel . In 1808 he became a professor at the Bündner Kantonsschule in Chur. On June 23, 1810, he was accepted into the Evangelical-Rhaetian Synod . This allowed him to work as a pastor in the entire canton of Graubünden , but from 1815 he was initially active as a free preacher and catechist . In 1832 he accepted a pastor's post at the Martinskirche in Chur, which was connected with the office of Antistes .

Kind is one of the founders of the Theological Institute, which offered the people of Graubünden local training to become a pastor; at this institute he had been a professor since 1832. However, the institute was dissolved again in 1844, which hit Kind hard. So he continued his professorship at the canton school next to the pastor's post at the church in Chur. He gave up the professorship in 1859 because he was retiring. He spent this in Chur.

Three of his sons also became pastors: Christian Immanuel Kind , Ludwig Gotthilf Kind and Paul Gottlob Kind .


  • Zurich catechism, edited for use in upper school classes and for confirmation lessons (Chur 1830)
  • Two sermons on the occasion of this year's Federal Day of Repentance, Prayer and Thanksgiving (Chur 1831)
  • Sermon on Ephesians 1, 20-21 (Basel 1845)
  • Sayings with song verses for Confirmanden (Chur / Leipzig 1854)
  • Guide to confirmation classes (Chur / Leipzig 1856)


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