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Peter Reinhart Gleichmann (born March 2, 1932 in Berlin ; † November 13, 2006 in Hanover ) was a German sociologist .


After studying architecture at the technical universities of Hanover and Graz, Gleichmann became a qualified engineer in 1958. He then studied sociology at the University of Göttingen . As early as 1960, Gleichmann became a research assistant for Hans Paul Bahrdt . He received his doctorate in 1962, was visiting professor at the University of Manchester and then senior research assistant in Hanover. There he completed his habilitation in sociology in 1970 and then became a visiting professor at the University of Leicester and then an adjunct professor in Hanover. In 1978 he became a full professor there. In 1979/80 he gave guest lectures at the University of Amsterdam .


In the beginning, Gleichmann made empirical contributions to urban sociology , worked on tourism problems and formulated sociological architecture criticism . From the late 1970s he was (alongside Hermann Korte ) significantly involved in the reception of Norbert Elias's work in Germany. This also resulted in his contacts in Amsterdam, where Norbert Elias spent the last years of his life and creativity and where Elias' student Johan Goudsblom taught, with whom Gleichmann and Korte published studies on Elias sociology ( figurative sociology ).

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  2. Gleichmann worked predominantly at one and the same university, only this was renamed several times in a few decades: He studied architecture at the Technical University of Hanover and received his doctorate there, he completed his habilitation at the Technical University of Hanover , was a professor at the University of Hanover and finally emeritus at the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hanover .