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Peter Longerich (2015)

Peter Longerich (* 1955 in Krefeld ) is a German contemporary historian .


Longerich studied history and received his doctorate in 1983 under Gerhard A. Ritter at the University of Munich with a thesis on the press department of the Foreign Office under Ribbentrop . The contemporary reception praised Longerich's dissertation for having “closed a research gap” with his well-founded study of the Foreign Office's “self-directed” foreign propaganda, since previous work was almost exclusively focused on Joseph Goebbels ' propaganda apparatus.

From 1984 to 1989 Longerich worked at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich. In 2002/03 he taught as a visiting professor at the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt am Main and then conducted research in 2003/04 as JB and Maurice Shapiro Senior Scholar in Residence at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington . He is a professor at Royal Holloway and Bedford New College of the University of London and the Director of The Research Center for the Holocaust and Twentieth-Century History . Longerich has also been teaching at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich since 2012 . He is the editor of the Piper Documentation Series .

Longerich is considered a specialist in the history of the Nazi state and especially the Holocaust . His works in this regard, like his biographies on Heinrich Himmler (2008), Joseph Goebbels (2010) and Adolf Hitler (2015), met with a predominantly positive reception.



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