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Johann Peter Ritter (born July 2, 1763 in Mannheim ; † August 1, 1846 there ) was a German composer, cellist and conductor.

The son of oboist Georg Wilhelm Ritter and nephew of bassoonist Georg Wenzel Ritter was like Meyerbeer and Weber a student of Abbé Vogler . He played the cello in the orchestra of the Mannheim National Theater from 1786 and became one of its concert masters in 1801. From 1803 to 1823 he worked as its Kapellmeister. His successor was the Salieri student Michael Frey .

In addition to more than 20 stage works, including Die lustigen Weiber, one of the earliest known operas after Shakespeare , Ritter also composed church music and various instrumental works. His brother Heinrich Ludwig Ritter became known as a violinist, his son Karl August as a singer.


  • The Hermit in Formentera (libretto: August von Kotzebue ), comic opera, 1788
  • The slave trader (libretto: Christian Friedrich Schwan ), Singspiel, 1790
  • The consecration (libretto: Georg Christian Römer ), musical play, 1792
  • The funny women (libretto: Georg Christian Römer based on Shakespeare), Singspiel, 1794
  • Dilara or The Black Magic Island (libretto: Wolfgang Heribert von Dalberg after Carlo Gozzi ), Singspiel, 1798
  • The festival in Apollons Haine (libretto: Georg Christian Römer), festival in honor of the Swedish royal couple, 1803
  • The New Year (New Year) in Famagusta (after Clemens Brentano , Die Lustigen Musikanten), Singspiel, 1804
  • The festival on the Rhine (libretto: Siegfried August Mahlmann ), 1806
  • Salomon's judgment (libretto: Georg Christian Römer), opera, 1808
  • The festival in Olympus , musical prologue for the name day of Grand Duchess Stephanie von Baden , 1808
  • Der Zitherschläger (Libretto: Heinrich Seidel ), Singspiel, 1810
  • The Valley of Barzelonetta or The Two Hermits , Singspiel, 1811
  • Feodore (Libretto: August von Kotzebue), Singspiel, 1811
  • Alexander in India (The Macedonians on the Indus) (Libretto: Georg Christian Römer after Pietro Metastasio ), opera, 1811
  • The Jubelfeier (libretto: Karl Ludwig Kaibel ), musical drama, 1816
  • Leonore or Das Geistergericht (after Gottfried August Bürger ), ballad, 1815
  • The Guardian Spirit (Libretto: August von Kotzebue), dramatic legend, 1816
  • Alfred (Libretto: August von Kotzebue), Opera, 1820
  • The Mandarin or Die gefoppten Chinesen (Libretto by Heinrich Ritter ), comic Singspiel, 1821
  • Hoang-Puff or The Triple Horoscope (Libretto: Hermann Herzenskron ), Singspiel, 1822
  • Bianca (Libretto: Albert Ludwig Grimm ), Opera, 1825
  • The Talisman , Singspiel, 1825
  • Das Grubenlicht (libretto: Louise Beck ), romantic opera, 1833

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