Philippine Elisabeth Caesar

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Philippine Elisabeth Caesar

Philippine Elisabeth Cäsar (born March 6, 1686 in Kassel , † August 14, 1744 in Meiningen ) was the first wife of Duke Anton Ulrich of Saxony-Meiningen .


Philippine Elisabeth was the youngest daughter of David Caesar, a Hesse-Kassel captain . Philippines older sister Sophie Charlotte served as maid of honor to Princess Elisabeth Ernestine at Meininger Hof. Philippine Elisabeth took her place in 1706 after Sophie Charlotte married the Meiningen Kapellmeister Schürmann.

Here Philippine Elisabeth met Prince Anton Ulrich, with whom she married in 1711 in Amsterdam. The captain's daughter was not considered equal and Anton Ulrich's marriage was a scandal in his family. Philippine met his relatives, especially mother and brothers, with rejection.

Anton Ulrich was able to through his close relationships with Emperor Karl VI. achieve that Philippine Elisabeth and their children were elevated to the rank of imperial prince in 1727 as "Princesses" and "Princes of Saxony-Meiningen" . However, at the instigation of Duke Friedrich III , it failed to have the children declared capable of succession . of Saxe-Gotha , who could have hopes for Saxe-Meiningen in the event of the Meiningen family becoming extinct. Emperor Charles VII excluded the children of Philippines from succession in Meiningen in 1744 by subsequent imperial closure. The matter also preoccupied the German electoral houses, who had the imperial estates ensure through an election surrender by the emperor that descendants from miscarriages were not to be equated with equal descendants.

In the same year 1744 Philippine Elisabeth died. The mourning bell began the day after her death and was soon banned. The argument lasted eight weeks. Philippine Elisabeth's coffin was not initially buried in the crypt, but simply covered with sand.


From her marriage she had the following children:

  • Philippine Antoinette (1712–1785)
  • Philippine Elisabeth (1713–1781)
  • Philippine Luise (1714–1771)
  • Philippine Wilhelmine (1715-1718)
  • Bernhard Ernst (1716–1778)
  • Antonie Auguste (1717–1768)
  • Sophie Wilhelmine (1719–1723)
  • Karl Ludwig (1721–1727)
  • Christine Friedrike (* / † 1723)
  • Friedrich Ferdinand (* / † 1725)


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