Pier Francesco Ferrero

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Cardinal coat of arms
Pier Francesco Cardinal Ferrero

Pier Francesco Ferrero (* 1510 in Biella , † November 14, 1566 in Rome ) was a cardinal of the Catholic Church .

The younger brother of Cardinal Filiberto Ferrero was Commendatarabbot of S. Stefano in Vercelli from 1527 to 1550 and was made Bishop of Vercelli on December 20, 1536 . From 1549 to 1560 he was also abbot of S. Stefano di Ivrea, in 1540 he was vice delegate in Bologna. In 1552 as a delegate to the Council of Trent , he was auditor of Cardinal Carlo Carafa in Brussels in 1557 and nuncio in Venice from 1560 to 1561 .

Created cardinal by Pope Pius IV on February 26, 1561 , he received the titular church of San Cesareo in Palatio on June 3, 1561 . After moving to the titular church of Sant'Agnese in Agone on November 10, 1561 , he renounced his diocese on May 2, 1562. On October 7, 1565, he moved to the titular church of Sant'Anastasia al Palatino as a cardinal priest .


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