Portuguese chess flower

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Portuguese chess flower
Fritillaria lusitanica habitus

Fritillaria lusitanica habitus

Order : Lily-like (Liliales)
Family : Lily family (Liliaceae)
Subfamily : Lilioideae
Genre : Fritillaria
Type : Portuguese chess flower
Scientific name
Fritillaria lusitanica

The Portuguese Schachblume ( Fritillaria lusitanica ) is a plant from the genus of Fritillaria in the family of Liliaceae (Liliaceae).


Vegetative characteristics

Fritillaria lusitanica grows as a perennial herbaceous plant and reaches heights of up to 40 centimeters. This geophyte forms a round onion as a persistence organ . A relatively large stem formed from early spring . The alternate leaves on the stem are narrow and relatively long.

Generative characteristics

The flowering time is in April. The inflorescence contains only one to three flowers hanging downwards. The hermaphrodite flowers are threefold and bell-shaped. The six bracts are alternately striped brown and pale green.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 24.

Systematics and distribution

It was first described in 1821 by Johan Emanuel Wikström in Kongl. Vetenskaps Academiens Handlingar , p. 352. A synonym for Fritillaria lusitanica Wikstr. is Fritillaria pyrenaica var. lusitanica (Wikstr.) Pau . The specific epithet lusitanica for Portuguese, refers to the homeland of this species.

Fritillaria lusitanica is common on the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands .

Of Fritillaria lusitanica There are two subspecies:

  • Fritillaria lusitanica Wikstr. subsp. lusitanica (Syn .: Fritillaria messanensis Boiss. nom. illeg., Fritillaria hispanica Boiss. & Reut. , Fritillaria lusitanica var. hispanica (Boiss. & Reut.) Baker , Fritillaria boissieri Costa , Fritillaria lusitanica var. messanensis Nyman , Fritillaria lusitanica subsp . hispanica (Boiss. & Reut.) K.Richt. , Fritillaria pyrenaica var. boissieri (Costa) Nyman , Fritillaria pyrenaica var. hispanica (Boiss. & Reut.) Pau , Fritillaria pyrenaica var. senneneliasii Pau , Fritillaria flahaultiana Sennen , Fritillaria flahaultiana Sennen meleagris var. boissieri (Costa) Vayr. , Fritillaria messanensis var. hispanica (Boiss. & Reut.) Maire , Fritillaria maria Sennen , Fritillaria pyrenaica subsp. hispanica (Boiss. & Reut.) Vigo , Fritillaria nigra subsp. boissieri (Costa) O.Bolòs & Vigo , Fritillaria pyrenaica subsp. Boissieri (Costa) Vigo & Valdés ): It occurs in Spain and Portugal.
  • Fritillaria lusitanica subsp. stenophylla (Boiss. & Reut.) K. Richt. (Syn .: Fritillaria stenophylla Boiss. & Reut. ): It occurs from western, central and southern Portugal to southwestern Spain.


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