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The Promenthouse

The Promenthouse

Water code CH : 3871
location Canton of Vaud , Switzerland
River system Rhone
Drain over Rhone  → Mediterranean
confluence by Cordex and Colline
46 ° 25 ′ 3 ″  N , 6 ° 13 ′ 49 ″  E
Source height approx.  444  m above sea level M.
muzzle at Prangins in Lake Geneva Coordinates: 46 ° 23 '27 "  N , 6 ° 16' 2"  E ; CH1903:  509 899  /  138405 46 ° 23 '27 "  N , 6 ° 16' 2"  O
Mouth height 372  m above sea level M.
Height difference approx. 72 m
Bottom slope approx. 4.5 ‰
length approx. 16 km
Catchment area 121.22 km²
Discharge at the estuary
A Eo gauge: 121.22 km²
3.7 m³ / s
30.5 l / (s km²)

The Promenthouse is a tributary of Lake Geneva in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland . It drains a section of the southern slope of the Jura and the plateau between Lake Geneva and the foot of the Jura in the hinterland of Nyon and belongs to the catchment area of ​​the Rhone . The area of ​​the catchment area of ​​the Promenthouse is around 100 km².


The Promenthouse's water network is made up of four streams of similar length that unite in the plain at the foot of the Jura. The source streams of the Promenthouse include the Colline (originates in the Combe de Créva Tsevau below Saint-Cergue ) and the Ruisseau de Cordex , which starts on the Jura slope west of Arzier . The name Promenthouse is used for the first time below the confluence of these two streams. The Serine , which rises at Le Vaud and takes in the Ruisseau de la Combe on the way, flows into Gland just 2 km further east . All four streams have dug deep erosion valleys in the Jura slope in the upper reaches .

Below the Serine estuary, the Promenthouse flows south and describes several meanders in a valley that is slightly sunk into the surroundings. At its confluence with Lake Geneva between Nyon and Gland, the Promenthouse has created a large alluvial cone over time . Today the Domaine Impérial golf course is located on this estuary.

The point of the water network furthest from the mouth of the Promenthouse is the source of the Serine. The Serine-Promenthouse stream system is 16 km long.


The Promenthouse has a nivopluvial drainage regime . Floods can occur in spring during the snowmelt in the Jura and later in the year during strong thunderstorms or prolonged rainfall. Near the mouth of the Promenthouse, the mean flow rate is 2 to 5 m³ / s in spring and around 1 m³ / s in midsummer; An average discharge of 1.7 m³ / s was determined over the whole year.


The Promenthouse is named after the village of Promenthoux (part of the municipality of Prangins ), which lies west of the estuary.

During the Second World War, a line of fortifications ran more or less along the Promenthouse and the Serine between the lake and the foot of the Jura in order to defend the Geneva-Lausanne axis. The special shape of the concrete blocks of this anti-tank barrier is reminiscent of Toblerone chocolate, which is why the barrier was named La ligne des Toblerones . Today the Tobleroneweg ( French: Sentier des Toblerones ) educational trail runs along this barrier .

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