Prosper de Haulleville

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Prosper Charles Alexandre, Baron de Haulleville (born May 28, 1830 in Echternach , Luxembourg , † April 25, 1898 in Brussels ) was a Belgian publicist and leader of a Catholic conservative party.


Baron Haulleville (pronounced olwil), from a family of emigrants from Lorraine , became professor of natural law at the University of Ghent in 1856 after studying law in Liege , Brussels, Paris and Bonn . He owed this position to the De Decker - Vilain XIIII Ministry , after whose overthrow in 1857 he was removed from office. He then took part in the founding of the Catholic-constitutional opposition newspaper L'Universel and in 1860 became its editor-in-chief. In 1865 he took over the management of the Revue générale and at the same time, in early 1878, that of the Journal de Bruxelles , the most outstanding newspaper of the Constitutional Catholic party in Belgium. He later became chief curator of the royal arts and crafts and archaeological museum and, in 1887, a history professor at the military academy.

Major works

  • Histoire des communes lombardes depuis leur origine jusqu'à la fin du XIII e siècle . 2 volumes. Gent 1857–58 (awarded the great five-year prize by the Academy in 1862)
  • Exam critique du projet de loi sur l'abolition des octrois communaux . Brussels 1860
  • Les institutions représentatives en Autriche . Paris 1863
  • Les Allemands depuis la guerre de sept ans . Brussels 1868
  • De l'enseignement primaire en Belgique . Brussels 1870
  • La nationalité belge, ou Flamands et Wallons . Ghent 1875
  • La définition du droit . Brussels 1875
  • De l'avenir des peuples catholiques . Brussels 1876 (translated into nine languages, including German, Mainz 1876)
  • Projet de modification de la loi du 1 juillet 1879 sur l'enseignement primaire . 1884
  • Portraits et silhouettes . 2 volumes, Brussels 1892–93