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Basic data
State : UzbekistanUzbekistan Uzbekistan
Province: Andijon
Coordinates : 40 ° 44 '  N , 72 ° 53'  E Coordinates: 40 ° 44 '0 "  N , 72 ° 53' 0"  E
Qorasuv (Uzbekistan)
Height : 720  m
Residents : 27,453 (2009)

Qorasuv ( Uzbek for black water , according to the outdated Cyrillic alphabet Қорасув , also transcribed as Korasuw or Korassuw ; Russian Карасу / Karasu or Karassu ) is a border town in the far east of Uzbekistan on the border with Kyrgyzstan with 27,453 inhabitants (calculation for 2009).


The city is separated from the city of Karasuu on the Kyrgyz side by the Shahrixonsoy , a canalized left tributary of the Qoradaryo (Karadarja), which forms the state border there .

Qorasuv belongs to the district (Tuman) Qoʻrgʻontepa of the Andijon province .


The place was originally called Karasu (Russified form of the Turkic-speaking name) and formed a unit with today's Kyrgyz part during the time of the Russian Empire .

With the formation of the Uzbek and Kyrgyz SSR (initially as ASSR ) in the 1920s, the place was administratively divided. The Uzbek part was in the 1930s after the Soviet party and Staatsfünktionär Kliment Voroshilov in Woroschilowo renamed. In 1958 it was renamed again to (Possjolok) imeni Iljitscha , Russian for Ilyich settlement (after the patronymic Vladimir Ilyich Lenin ), later simplified to Ilyich . By 1979 the population rose to 14,701, and in 1980 the settlement was given city ​​status under the name Ilyichovsk . In 1989 the city had 19,454 inhabitants.

Since 1992 the city has had its original name in the Uzbek form again. Riots broke out in Qorasuv in May 2005 when many Uzbeks tried to flee to Kyrgyzstan because of the unrest in the nearby city of Andijon . The state border is secured on the Uzbek side by a barbed wire fence.

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