Andijon Province

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Andijon Province
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Location of Andijon Province in Uzbekistan
Basic data
Country Uzbekistan
Capital Andijon
surface 4200 km²
Residents 2,962,500 (January 1, 2017)
density 705 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 UZ-AN
Districts in Andijon Province
Districts in Andijon Province

Coordinates: 40 ° 45 '  N , 72 ° 12'  E

The Uzbek province of Andijon is located in the east of the Ferghana Valley . The province is about 4,200 km² and has 2,962,500 inhabitants. This corresponds to about 705 inhabitants per square kilometer, making it the highest population density in Uzbekistan.

Administrative division

The province is divided into 14 districts ( tuman ). The capital is Andijon . The cities of Andijon, Asaka , Xonobod , Shahrixon and Qorasuv are provincial, i.e. i.e., they do not belong to any district. Asaka and Shahrixon are also the main towns in the districts of the same name.

Overview of the districts
No. district main place No. district main place
1 Andijon Kuyganyor 8th Xo'jaobod Xo'jaobod
2 Asaka Asaka 9 Qoʻrgʻontepa Qoʻrgʻontepa
3 Baliqchi Baliqchi 10 Marhamat Marhamat
4th Bo'z Bo'z 11 Oltinko'l Oltinko'l
5 Buloqboshi Buloqboshi 12 Paxtaobod Paxtaobod
6th Izboskan Poytug ' 13 Shahrixon Shahrixon
7th Jalolquduq Jalaquduq 14th Ulug'nor Oqoltin

Raw materials and economy

Andijon is rich in resources such as petroleum , natural gas , ozokerite and limestone . A cultivation product valued for its particular sweetness are various types of melons , which, however, depend on artificial irrigation. Furthermore, cotton , grain, wine and vegetable cultivation and cattle breeding are operated.

Industrial companies located in Andijon are dedicated to metal processing , chemical industry , light industry and food industry . The first automobile assembly plant in Central Asia, the Uzbek-Korean joint venture Uz-DaewooAvto , is based in Asaka.