Tashkent Province

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Toshkent viloyati
Тошкент вилояти
Tashkent Province
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Location of the Tashkent Province in Uzbekistan
Basic data
Country Uzbekistan
Capital Nurafshon
surface 15,600 km²
Residents 2,829,300 (2017)
density 181 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 UZ-TO
Districts in Tashkent Province
Districts in Tashkent Province

Coordinates: 41 ° 12 '  N , 69 ° 42'  E

The province of Tashkent ( Uzbek : Toshkent viloyati, Тошкент вилояти; Russian Ташкентская область , Tashkentskaja oblast ) in Uzbekistan has an area of ​​15,600 square kilometers and a population of 2,829,300 (as of 2017). The population density is 181 inhabitants per square kilometer. The capital is Nurafshon . The city of Tashkent is not part of the province, but is administered separately as an independent city with special status.

Geography and administration

The province is located in the northeastern part of Uzbekistan, between the river Syr Darya and the Tianshan -Gebirge. It borders the states of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and the provinces of Sirdaryo and Namangan . The province is divided into 15 administrative districts and the independent cities of Angren , Bekobod , Chirchiq , Ohangaron , Olmaliq , Yangiobod and Yangiyo'l .

No district main place No district main place
1 Bekobod Zafar 9 Piskent Piskent
2 Boʻstonliq G'azalkent 10 Quyichirchiq Do'stobod
3 Bo'ka Bo'ka 11 Zangiota Eshonguzar
4th Chinoz Chinoz 12 Oʻrtachirchiq Nurafshon
5 Qibray Qibray 13 Yangiyo'l Gulbahor
6th Ohangaron Ohangaron 14th Yuqorichirchiq Yangibozor
7th Oqqoʻrgʻon Oqqoʻrgʻon
8th Parkent Parkent
see picture on the right for the location

The largest cities are (as of January 1, 2008): Chirchiq (133,610 inhabitants), Angren (125,758 inhabitants), Olmaliq (110,953 inhabitants), Bekobod (100,142 inhabitants) and Yangiyoʻl (55,499 inhabitants).

The climate is continental with mild wet winters and hot dry summers.

The Ugam-Chatkal National Park , with mountains and forests, located in the province.

Economy and Infrastructure

Important mineral resources are copper, lignite, molybdenum , zinc, gold, silver, rare earth metals , natural gas, crude oil, sulfur, limestone and granite.

Signpost on the M39 south of Tashkent

The province is the most economically developed in the country. Major industries are energy production, mining and metallurgy. It produces fertilizers, chemicals, electronics, textiles, food and shoes.

Agriculture is highly developed and is mainly based on irrigation. Cotton, hemp, grain, melons, pumpkins, fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits are harvested. Livestock farming is also important.

The province has a well-developed infrastructure , with a railway network of 360 kilometers and 3771 kilometers of paved roads. There is an international airport in Tashkent.

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