Surxondaryo Province

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Surxondaryo viloyati
Сурхондарё вилояти
Surxondaryo Province
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Location of the Surxondaryo Province in Uzbekistan
Basic data
Country Uzbekistan
Capital Termiz
surface 20,800 km²
Residents 2,462,300 (January 1, 2016)
density 118 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 UZ-SU
Website (Uzbek)
Boysun in Surxondaryo
Boysun in Surxondaryo

Coordinates: 38 ° 0 ′  N , 67 ° 30 ′  E

The province of Surxondaryo ( Uzbek : Surxondaryo viloyati , Cyrillic Сурхондарё вилояти; Russian Сурхандарьинская область / Surchandarinskaja oblast ) is a viloyat (province) in the south of Uzbekistan . It borders with Turkmenistan , Tajikistan , Afghanistan and the province of Qashqadaryo . The area is 20,800 km², with a population of 2,462,300 inhabitants, of which about 80% live in the countryside.

It is not clear whether the province is predominantly inhabited by Uzbeks or Tajiks.


The province of Surxondaryo is divided into 14 administrative districts and the independent cities of Denov and Termiz . The capital is Termiz with 139,299 inhabitants. Other larger cities include Jarqoʻrgʻon , Sherobod , Boysun and Shoʻrchi .

Overview of the districts
No district main place No district main place
Surxondaryo districts.png
1 Angor Angor 8th Muzrabot Xalqobot
2 Bandixon Bandixon 9 Oltinsoy Qarluq
3 Boysun Boysun 10 Sariosiyo Sariosiyo
4th Denov Denov 11 Sherobod Sherobod
5 Jarqoʻrgʻon Jarqoʻrgʻon 12 Sho'rchi Sho'rchi
6th Qiziriq Sariq 13 Termiz Termiz
7th Qumqoʻrgʻon Qumqoʻrgʻon 14th Uzun Uzun


The climate is very continental , with mild, humid winter and hot, dry summer months.


Natural resources are oil , natural gas and coal . Other industries, such as food processing and construction material production, are further important sources of income in the otherwise very rural region. Agriculture is carried out in the form of cotton plantations , silkworms , plant breeding and viticulture . Surxondaryo is the largest supplier of thin fiber cotton in Uzbekistan. The partially prevailing subtropical climate enables the cultivation of sugar cane .

The infrastructure in this region is well developed. Over 300 km of railway lines and 2000 km of paved roads also enable trade beyond the Uzbek border. The only port in Central Asia that is located on a river is in Termiz on the Amu Darya .

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