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Quentin Fiore (born February 12, 1920 in the Bronx , New York City , New York - † April 13, 2019 in North Canaan , Connecticut ) was an American graphic designer who mainly worked on books.


Fiore took lessons from artists such as George Grosz and Hans Hofmann before studying art at the New Bauhaus in Chicago , Illinois . In the 1960s he was known for work in which z. B. Text passages and images were mixed or different fonts were used. In this way books were created that reflected the anarchic zeitgeist.

The book The Medium is the Massage was created in 1967 in collaboration with Marshall McLuhan . The book DO IT! Scenarios of the Revolution was co-created with the "revolutionary" Jerry Rubin and appeared in 1970 with an introduction by the Black Power activist Eldridge Cleaver .

Fiore lived in New Jersey, USA in early 2012 .


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  • 1967: with Marshall McLuhan; compiled by Jerome Agel: The Medium is the Massage. An Inventory of Effects . Bantam Books, New York. (Reprint: Penguin Books, Harmonsworth 1971, ISBN 0-14-002816-1 ). 9th edition 2001, Gingko Press, ISBN 1-584230703 .
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  • 1970: with Buckminster Fuller and Jerome Agel: I Seem to Be a Verb. Environment and Man's Future . Bantam Books, New York, OCLC 94894 .
  • 1970: with Jerry Rubin, introduction by Eldridge Cleaver: DO IT! Scenarios of the Revolution . Simon & Schuster, New York, ISBN 0-671-20601-X .
    • 1971: German: Do It! Scenarios for the revolution . Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek near Hamburg, ISBN 3-499-11411-9 ;
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  • 1978: Edition: The Prince / Niccoló Machiavelli , translated by Thomas G. Bergin. Franklin Library, Franklin Center, Pennsylvania, USA.

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