Avenging Angel (1992)

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German title Angel of revenge
Original title L'angelo con la pistola
Country of production Italy
original language Italian
Publishing year 1992
length 110 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Damiano Damiani
script Damiano Damiani
Dardano Sacchetti
Carla Giulia Casalini
production Mario Cecchi Gori
Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Silvio Berlusconi
music Riz Ortolani
camera Sebastiano Celeste
cut Antonio Siciliano

Racheengel (Original title: L'angelo con la pistola ) is a thriller by the Italian director Damiano Damiani from 1992 .


When she was a child, the family of the young Lisa was cruelly murdered by the mafia. Now she is forging plans for revenge. She happened to find a weapon in a paper bag on the subway. A disaffected commissioner teams up with her to travel around the world with her to kill everyone responsible for the death of Lisa's parents. Soon the campaign of revenge turns into a bloodlust. It wasn't until Lisa met the whore Teresa that the tide turned. The commissioner is shot.


“Exciting crime film, which, in the conflict of conscience of its protagonists, makes the questionable nature of vigilante justice just as clear as the helplessness of a viable society in the face of organized crime. Well-cast and played, realistically tough, but not brutally staged, with excessive use of the zoom lens instead of the cut, strikingly old-fashioned. "

"Director Damiani created a tough, intelligent, believable thriller."

“After countless, often highly acclaimed anti-Mafia dramas, which regularly documented the powerlessness of the righteous, the Italian master of the present, Damiano Damiani, discovered the Charles Bronson method of offensive crime fighting at an advanced age. As a fairly clear 'Nikita' copy, he lets the distinctive Tahnee Welch off the leash as a banshee and doesn't skimp on movie blood when the dark men have to believe in it. Unfortunately, momentum and tension don't really set in. Damiani's vigilante drama will be difficult to reach the actual target group. Conclusion: Average thriller goods for the well-stocked program without any major chart ambitions. "

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