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The Rafaiter Plain or the Refaïm Valley (also Rephaim Valley or Refaïm Plain ; Hebrew עֵמֶק רְפָאִים, ʿEmeq Rəpha'īm 'Valley of the Giants') is a landscape in Israel southwest of Jerusalem . The valley leads to the Elah valley . In ancient times, a road led through the valley floor from the coast to the Judean Mountains.

The northeast corner of the Refaiter level formed the border area of ​​the tribes Judah and Benjamin ( Jos 15.8  EU ; 18.16 EU ). It was known for its grain cultivation ( Isa 17.5  EU ) and in the time of David served the Philistines several times as a military deployment area ( 2 Sam 5.18.22  EU ; 23.13 EU ; 1 Chr 11.15  EU ; 14.9 EU ).

The valley is "1 hour long, ½ hour wide to the monastery of mar eljas = baʿal perazim".

At the northern end there was "the eponymous colony of the German Templars " since 1873 , the "German Colony" is now a district of Jerusalem.

It was named after the Rafaite people who settled in Bashan .


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Coordinates: 31 ° 44 ′ 50 "  N , 35 ° 9 ′ 28.6"  E