Wire-haired rockcress

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Wire-haired rockcress
Wire-haired rockcress, illustration

Wire-haired rockcress, illustration

Eurosiden II
Order : Cruciferous (Brassicales)
Family : Cruciferous vegetables (Brassicaceae)
Tribe : Arabideae
Genre : Goosecress ( Arabis )
Type : Wire-haired rockcress
Scientific name
Arabis hirsuta
(L.) Scop.
Wire-haired rockcress, inflorescence

The wire-haired rockcress ( Arabis hirsuta ) is a species of the cruciferous family (Brassicaceae). Rough rock cress and hairy rock cress are also used as German trivial names .


This biennial herbaceous plant usually consists of several 10 to 80 cm (rarely up to 1 meter) high, stiff, upright stems . These grow from a basal rosette . The leaves growing on the stem and the narrow fruit pods lie against the stem. Both the stem and the leaves are densely covered with simple or forked hair. The mostly toothed stem leaves are 10 to 30 mm long and enclose the stem with 0.5 to 1 mm long ears or are seated with a broad base. The leaf base is arrow-shaped to rounded.

The hermaphrodite, four-fold flowers are clustered at the ends of the stems. The white petals are between 3 and 7 mm long, about twice as long as the sepals. The flowering period is May to June. Slender, cylindrical pods 25 to 52 mm long are formed. The narrow-winged, elongated, about 1 × 1.5 mm large seeds are reddish brown.

The number of chromosomes is n = 8, 16 or 32.


The hairy rockcress is a therophyte or a hemicryptophyte (including two-year-olds). The pollination of this species, the flowers of which contain both male and female organs, takes place via self- pollination or insect pollination . The spread of this species occurs through the wind .


The hairy rockcress occurs quite often in lime-lean grasslands, in poor meadows, on paths and embankments, in bushes or in sparse pine forests, also semi-ruderally on paths or in moors. It prefers dry, mostly calcareous soil.

According to Ellenberg , it is a semi-light plant, a moderate heat pointer and an order character type of sub-oceanic dry and semi-arid grasslands (Brometalia erecti). But it also occurs in societies of the Origanetalia order, the Thlaspietea class or the Erico-Pinion association. In the Allgäu Alps, it rises in the Höfatsgebiet in Bavaria above the Gieselerwand up to an altitude of 2000 meters.


The seeds contain the mustard oil hirsutin.



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