Kingdom of Kiang

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Old map of the region from the Andrees General Handatlas (1881)

Kiang (spelling variant: Kian ) was a historical empire in the West African state of Gambia .


The empire was one of the nine Mandinka empires on the south bank of the Gambia River in the early 19th century . It stretched in the west from the mouth of the Bintang Bolong in the Gambia to the east to the point known as Devil Point (about ten kilometers from Soma ). The empire was separated from the Foni empire in the south by the Bintang Bolong . To the east it bordered on Jarra .

The places Tankular and Tendaba were the most important ports in the Gambia, where Europeans operated commercially.

The districts of Kiang West , Kiang Central, and Kiang East in the Lower River Region make reference to this empire. The Kiang West National Park is also on the territory of the former empire.

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