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Reinhard Müller (born April 1, 1968 in Walsrode ) is a German lawyer and journalist .

Life and attitude

Reinhard Müller's father comes from Landsberg an der Warthe , the mother from Danzig . Müller graduated from high school in 1987. He completed his military service with the military police in Celle , Sonthofen and Munster . From 1988 Müller studied law and since 1990 history at the University of Münster . He spent one semester as an Erasmus student in Nijmegen . There, Müller mainly dealt with international and European law .

In 1993, Müller passed his first state examination in law. From 1994 Müller worked as a research assistant at the chair for public law, European and international law at the Technical University of Dresden . In 1996 , Müller received his doctorate on the two-plus-four treaty and the right of peoples to self-determination. He worked as a trainee lawyer in the department for GDR injustice at the Dresden Public Prosecutor's Office, in the press office of the Saxon Ministry of the Interior, at the University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer and at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. Müller completed his legal clerkship with the second state examination in law.

In January 1998 Müller joined the political editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung . He is responsible for legal and domestic politics. Since January 2008, Müller has headed the newly created “State and Law” section. Since July 2012, Müller has also been the editor responsible for “Current Affairs”. In various articles in the FAZ, Müller opposes the opening of marriage for same-sex couples , a joint adoption right for homosexual couples and against the legal parenting of homosexual, partnered couples after a surrogate motherhood in the United States. In addition, he speaks out against the introduction of the place of birth principle in German citizenship law and considers the granting of dual citizenship to be a misguided "policy that completely lacks any feeling for state and nation, for meaning and form."

Müller is married to a lawyer and has two sons and a daughter.

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