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Richard Claverhouse Jebb

Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb , OM (born August 27, 1841 in Dundee , † December 9, 1905 in Cambridge ) was a British classical philologist and politician.


Jebb was from Dundee, Scotland. His father was a well-known lawyer, his grandfather a judge. Jebb attended Charterhouse School in Surrey and Trinity College Cambridge, where he became a senior classic in 1862 and a member and tutor in 1863. From 1869 to 1875 he was a public speaker at the University of Cambridge and then followed a call to the University of Glasgow ; before (1874) he married the widow of the American general Adam J. Slemmer . In 1889 he returned to Cambridge, where he held the Regius Chair of Greek Studies and held it until his death.

Jebb was elected MP at Cambridge University in 1891 and knighted in 1900. In 1902 he was elected a member of the British Academy and accepted as an Honorary Fellow in the Royal Society of Edinburgh . In 1904 he was elected a member of the American Philosophical Society . Shortly before his death, he was accepted into the Order of Merit in 1905 .

Jebb dealt with all genres and time layers of Greek literature. He translated from ancient Greek into English, including the tragedies of Sophocles .


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