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Christopher Stray (born October 29, 1943 ) is a British sociologist and historian of science in the field of the history of classical philology .


Stray received his Ph.D. from Swansea University with a sociological dissertation on the transformation of classics in schools, universities and society in England between 1830 and 1960. PhD. The revised dissertation was published as a book by Oxford University Press in 1998 . In 1999 Stray received the Runciman Award for this book .

Stray has been an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of History and Classics at Swansea University since 1989. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Classical Studies at the University of London . He was also a member of the School of Historical Studies of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (2012) and Jackson Brothers fellow at the Beinecke Library at Yale University (2005) and Visiting Fellow at Wolfson College of the University of Cambridge (1996-1998). He is a Life Member of the Hellenic Society .

Research priorities

Stray works on the history and sociology of ancient languages in school education and classical philology at the universities of the United Kingdom in the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly Oxford and Cambridge. To this end, Stray works as the editor of thematic anthologies with numerous classical scholars in Great Britain and beyond. These volumes are partly dedicated to well-known classical scholars of the past ( William HD Rouse , Richard Jebb , AE Housman , Gilbert Murray , James Adam , Walter Headlam , Henry Jackson , William Ridgeway and Arthur Verrall ), partly to forms of publication such as classical dictionaries and monographs, for example the Greek-English Lexicon by Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott , partly the editorial principle of text correction , partly the academic teaching and examination practice in Classics, especially the Classical tripos in Cambridge, partly the vocation practice using the example of the praelections in Cambridge of 1906 and the History of the Classical Association .

Further projects on the Classical Commentaries, the history of Trinity College , Cambridge , and the history of the Institute of Classical Studies at the University of London are planned.

He also takes part in the Classics and Class project led by Edith Hall as principal investigator on the class-based reception of ancient cultures and literatures in the United Kingdom, in which recipients from the working class are particularly taken into account.

Together with Ian Michael, he started a website for researching textbooks in 1988 , but it was closed in 2009.

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