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Richard Oswald Karl Kräusel (born August 29, 1890 in Breslau ; † November 25, 1966 in Frankfurt am Main ) was an important German paleobotanist . Its official botanical author's abbreviation is " Krausel ".

life and work

Kräusel received his doctorate in palaeobotany under Ferdinand Albin Pax in 1913 in Breslau ( knowledge of the woods of Silesian lignite ), was temporarily military geologist in Southeast Europe during the First World War and was a professor at the Goethegymnasium in Frankfurt am Main from 1920. There he worked closely with the Senckenberg Natural Research Society and completed his habilitation in 1920 at the University of Frankfurt, where he taught palaeobotany from 1925, from 1928 as an extraordinary professor and from 1939 as an associate professor. In 1938 he became honorary director of the paleobotanical collection of the Senckenberg Society, which in 1941 became a separate department. In 1952 he retired as a teacher, but continued to work at the Senckenberg Society. His close colleague Friedemann Schaarschmidt became his successor in 1966 .

He dealt with plants from all geological ages from stromatolites of the Precambrian and the first land plants of the Devonian to the Tertiary . He recognized the importance of palynology early on and practiced a stronger integration of plant anatomy in palaeobotany than was usual up to then. With his friend Hermann Weyland , he studied the flora of the Devonian in the Rhineland and later the structure of leaves of the Tertiary. Other focal points were the wood construction of fossil conifers and the flora of the Mesozoic Era in southern Germany, Austria (especially Lunz) and Switzerland (Neuewelt near Basel), for example Ginkgoales and Bennettitales . He undertook research trips to Southeast Asia (1921, 1926), North America (1928, 1959, especially Devon), South Africa and Namibia (1928, 1953/54, 1963), South America (1924, 1947, Brazil 1956/57) and India ( 1960/61, 1964), especially in the Gondwana countries. The latter trips were also due to the destruction of their own collections, which had been moved to a castle near Frankfurt, during the Second World War.

He was a corresponding member of the American Botanical Society (1954), a member of the Leopoldina (1957) and an honorary member of the Palaeobotanical Society of India. In 1963 he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Durham. On his 60th birthday in 1950, he received the Iron Senckenberg Medal.


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