Rinchen Sangpo

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Tibetan name
Tibetan script :
རིན་ ཆེན་ བཟང་པོ་
Wylie transliteration :
rin chen bzang po
Other spellings:
Rinchen Zangpo; Rinchen Sangpo; Renqin Sampo
Chinese name
Simplified :
Pinyin :
Rénqīn Sāngbō

Rinchen Sangpo ( Tib. Rin chen bzang po ; born 958 ; died 1055 ) or Lochen Rinchen Sangpo ( lo chen rin chen bzang po ; "the great translator Rinchen Sangpo") was an influential monk of Tibetan Buddhism and a great translator Buddhist scriptures that ushered in the later heyday of Buddhism in the Guge Kingdom in western Tibet .

Thoding Monastery : The Red Temple (2007)
Kyi monastery above the Spiti valley , the largest monastery complex in Spiti , seat of Lochen Trülku ( lo chen sprul sku ), the current 19th  reincarnation of Rinchen Sangpo


He was sent abroad three times to study in Kashmir and India and translated many Buddhist scriptures. He was the great teacher of the first school of New Translations ( gsar ma ). He was given the honorary title of Dorje Lopön .

According to the Blue Annals , Rinchen Sangpo mastered and explained all the main texts of the Prajnaparamita and Tantra classes, in particular he explained yoga tantras. According to Go Lotsawa , it is mainly thanks to this translator that most of the tantric teachings were more widespread during the later heyday of Tibetan Buddhism than during the earlier ones .

He had many students, including the main students Lochung Legpe Sherab ( lo chung legs pa'i shes rab ), Gungshing Tsondru Gyeltshen ( gur shing brtson 'grus rgyal mtshan from mang nang ), Drapa Shönnu Sherab ( gzhon nu shes rab from Dra ( gra )) and Kyinor Jnana ( skyi nor jny'ana ), who were known as his "four spiritual sons" ( thugs sras ).

He is said to have founded over a hundred monasteries, mainly in western Tibet ( Ngari ) and Ladakh ( Mar yul ).

The Thoding Monastery (Tholing Monastery), the oldest monastery and religious center of the Ngari area , of which he later became abbot, was founded under the Guge Crown Prince and tribal chief Yeshe Ö ( tib.ye shes' od ) .

Rinchen Sangpo is also said to have founded the Manam Monastery in Zanda (Tsada), the Tabo Monastery in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh and Khorchag Gönpa in Burang .

Yeshe Pel from Kyithang ( Khyi-thang-pa Ye-shes-dpal ) in Guge wrote his biography.

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Rinchen Sangpo (alternative names of the lemma)
rin chen bzang po; Punching Rinchen Sangpo; lo chen rin chen bzang po; Renqin Sangbo 仁钦桑波 , Baoxian; 宝 贤; Rinchen Zangpo; Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo; 林 亲 桑 坡; 仁钦桑波; 仁钦 藏 卜; 宝 贤 译 师; Renqin Sampo; Rénqīn Sāngbō; 大 译 师 仁钦桑波; 仁钦桑波 译 师; 大 译 师 仁钦桑布; Renqin Sangbu 仁钦桑布; 仁 青 桑布