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Robert Dohme (born June 17, 1845 in Berlin , † November 8, 1893 in Konstanz ) was a German art historian , librarian and museum director.


Robert Dohme was the son of the Prussian court official Robert Dohme (1817-1896). Like the future Berlin art dealer Rudolph Lepke , he grew up in what was then known as the former royal palace, the Kronprinzenpalais , which at the time housed the official apartments of the court officials. In 1864 he joined the palace building department as Baueleve and studied from 1865 at the University of Berlin and at the same time at the building academy . After Dohme received his doctorate in 1868 at the University of Göttingen with a thesis on the architecture of the Cistercian order , he went to Rome for further studies in the winter of 1869 to 1870. In 1871 he was appointed provisionally by Wilhelm I , in 1873 he was appointed director of the library of the royal house in Berlin, in 1878 he was also assistant director and in 1883 titular director at the Nationalgalerie , from which position he resigned in 1884, and then director of the Prussian art collections Royalty. Under Emperor Friedrich III. In 1888 he became director of the now Oberhofmarschallamt with the title of a secret government councilor. After his death he was relieved and a new use had to be found for him. So in 1891 he became provisional and in 1893 finally first permanent secretary of the Royal Academy of Arts in Berlin.

Dohme grave in Cemetery I of the Jerusalem and New Churches in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Robert Dohme died in Constance in 1893 at the age of 48. His grave is on Cemetery I of the Jerusalem and New Churches in Berlin-Kreuzberg (field 3/2). The design for the representative grave complex made of black granite with two grave steles, whose portrait medallions have been lost, comes from the architect Ernst von Ihne . By decision of the Berlin Senate , the grave has been dedicated as a Berlin honorary grave since 1978 . The dedication was renewed in 1999.

Publications (selection)

Dohme edited the compilation

  • Art and artists of the Middle Ages and modern times. Leipzig 1875–85


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