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in a photo from 1913

Rolf Kinzl (born October 19, 1878 in Prague , † November 14, 1938 in Vienna ) was one of the best tennis players in Austria at the turn of the century .

Sports life

Kinzl played 127 tennis games, of which he won 85, including six tournaments. He had his first success in the individual competition in 1898 when he won the Bohemian Championship. He played his last final on July 4, 1920 at the International Austrian Championships and was defeated by his compatriot Ludwig Albrecht Constantin Maria von Salm-Hoogstraeten in three sets with 4: 6, 4: 6 and 1: 6.

In 1903 he reached the semi-finals in the individual competition in the ATP tournament in Hamburg at the International German Championships , but was defeated by the eventual winner Josiah Ritchie ; however, he won the double competition alongside Kurt von Wessely .

In 1905 he took part in the Davis Cup meeting between the teams of Australiasia ( Australia and New Zealand ) and Austria, but lost both singles and doubles again at Kurt von Wessely's side .

At the 31st edition of the Wimbledon Championships , he achieved his best result in the third round in 1907 ; he was defeated by the British Josiah Ritchie in three sets with 1: 6, 4: 6 and 2: 6.

Kinzl took part in various tournaments until 1927, including the 1908 Olympic tennis tournament . However, on the open court, in addition to the indoor tournament, he was defeated by the British Wilberforce Vaughan Eaves in the first round of the men's singles.

Kinzl also played soccer and was a center forward for DFC Prague .


He later worked as editor-in-chief of the Sport-Tagblatt , the sports edition for the Neue Wiener Tagblatt . He died at the age of 60 from complications from a myocardial infarction .

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Individual evidence

  1. Rolf Kinzl died. From the Maribor newspaper ( Maribor ) of November 15, 1938 ( online (PDF) )