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Coat of arms of the House of Romanov

The Romanovs are an old Russian noble family and, after the Rurikids, the second dynasty from which the Russian tsars emerged . Romanov is stressed on the second syllable ( ro'ma: nof ). The members of the House of Romanow-Holstein-Gottorp who succeeded the Romanovs are also often referred to as Romanovs and continued to carry the Romanov family name .


The ancestor of the Romanovs is the boyar Andrei Kobyla, who was of Ruthenian origin and came from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania . Andrei Kobyla moved to Russia during the reign of the Moscow Grand Duke Simeon Ivanovich (14th century). Since the beginning of the 16th century, the family called Sakharin-Yuryev. Anastassija Romanovna Zakharina became the wife of Ivan IV , and her brother Nikita Romanovich had an influential position at the court of the tsars . Since then the family has been called Romanov .

After the death of Tsar Fyodor I , Anastasia's son, a power struggle for the throne broke out. The son of Nikita Romanovich, Fyodor Nikititsch Romanow, who later became Patriarch Philaret , was defeated by Boris Godunov . After the Smuta , Fyodor Nikititsch's son Michael Fyodorowitsch was elected tsar by Semsky Sobor in 1613 and founded the Romanov dynasty.

His grandson Peter the Great made Russia a major European power . Only three of his daughters survived, one of them only a few days. With the death of his grandson Peter Alexejewitsch , the male line of the Romanovs died out. His daughter Elisabeth was the last Romanov on the throne. It was followed by Peter III in 1762 . , the son of Peters I, another daughter Anna Petrovna , who was married to Karl Friedrich von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf and founded the house of Romanow-Holstein-Gottorp .

Michail Jewdokija Streschnewa Maria Miloslawskaja Alexei Natalja Naryschkina Fjodor III. Maria Miloslawskaja Maria Miloslawskaja Iwan V. Praskowja Saltykowa Katharina I. Peter I. Jewdokija Lopuchina Elisabeth Iwan V. Charlotte von Braunschweig Karl Friedrich von Holstein-Gottorp Anna Peter II. Alexei Anna Anna Katharina Karl Leopold von Mecklenburg Anton Ulrich von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel Iwan VI. Sofia Haus Romanow-Holstein-GottorpRomanov tree 1 simple de.png


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