Pink radish helmling

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Pink radish helmling
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Pink Radish Helmling ( Mycena rosea )

Class : Agaricomycetes
Subclass : Agaricomycetidae
Order : Mushroom-like (Agaricales)
Family : Helmling relatives (Mycenaceae)
Genre : Helmlinge ( Mycena )
Type : Pink radish helmling
Scientific name
Mycena rosea

The pink radish helmling ( Mycena rosea , syn .: M. pura var.  Rosea ) is a type of mushroom from the family of helming relatives .


Macroscopic features

The hat is initially conical, later arched to spread and hunched. It is pink to pinkish in color. Sometimes it has a cream-colored to pale ocher crown. The edge is mostly lighter colored and grooved translucent. The surface is smooth and often wavy and hygrophan . The lamellae are initially whitish, later pinkish and bulged on the stem. They are wide and mixed with shorter intermediate lamellas. They are connected at the base with cross veins and have a smooth cutting edge.

The stem reaches a length of five to eight centimeters and a width between three and eight millimeters. It is cylindrical in shape and tapered at the tip. Its interior is initially full-bodied, but with age it becomes hollow. It's white, sometimes tinged pink. There is a white, curly felt at the base. The flesh is thin, soft and whitish in color. It smells and tastes like radish.

Microscopic features

The spores are hyaline and measure 6.5–7.5 x 4–5 micrometers. They are broadly elliptical in shape, their surface is smooth and they have a drop. The spores react amyloid .

Species delimitation

The pink radish helmling has several closely related similar species. The common radish helmling ( Mycena pura ) is better known . The pink radish helmling was previously considered a variety of this species. It is usually somewhat smaller, has a flatter, less conical hat and a concentric depression. It is also less pink, more purple in color. The black-toothed radish helmling ( M. pelianthina ) with dark lamellar edges is also similar . It can also be confused with the rare flesh-colored helmling ( M. pearsoniana ), which has strongly curved lamellae and inamyloid spores.


The pink radish helmling is a typical representative in mesophilic and calcareous red beech and beech-rich mixed mountain forests. But it can also occur in other companies with beech trees. The species can occasionally be found in different plantations.

Group of fruiting bodies of the pink radish helmling in the fall foliage

The fungus forms an ecto mycorrhiza with deciduous trees, especially red beeches . Occasionally it is reported together with conifers. The fruiting bodies are formed between September and early November and are usually in small groups in the fall foliage. However, sometimes they appear as early as early summer or December.


The radish helmlings all contain the poison muscarin and must therefore not be consumed. The pink radish helmling is the most poisonous of the radish helmling. According to more recent studies, however, it is not certain that the toxin is actually muscarine, since it could not be detected in M. rosea with modern and highly sensitive mass spectroscopic methods. The red color of the fruit bodies is due to the pyrroloquinoline alkaloid mycenarubin A. Interestingly, similar pyrroloquinoline alkaloids, some of which have anti-tumor effects, are known from marine organisms.


The pink radish helmling is common in Europe and the Caucasus . The area extends from France to Romania and the Ukraine and south to Spain and the Balearic Islands , Italy, Bulgaria and to Denmark, southern Sweden, Finland and Estonia in the north. In Germany the fungus can be found in the limestone areas of the colline to montane layers. Thus, it is not evenly distributed everywhere and is much more incomplete than the common radish helmling ( Mycena pura ).

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