Rudolf Schenk zu Schweinsberg

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Rudolf Schenk zu Schweinsberg (* around 1490; † December 15, 1551 in Kassel ) was a Hessian nobleman , bailiff on the Werra, governor of Kassel and councilor of the landgrave.


Rudolf was the eldest son of Gunthram Schenk zu Schweinsberg auf Hermannstein († 1524), who died in 1524 , and was the hereditary castle man of the Reichsburg Friedberg , and Elisabeth von Plettenberg . His paternal grandparents were the Hessian marshal and knight of the Holy Sepulcher Johann Schenk zu Schweinsberg (1460–1506) and his wife Margaretha von Schlitz called von Görtz . On the mother's side it was Berthold III. von Plettenberg and Irmgard von Nesselrode .


Rudolf studied at the University of Erfurt in 1505 , also became Burgmann of the Reichsburg Friedberg in 1514, and in 1518 was among the defenders of the city ​​of Darmstadt, besieged by Franz von Sickingen . In 1527 he was one of the representatives of the Hessian knighthood, who sealed the treaty on the secularization of the monasteries that Landgrave Philipp had agreed with the estates .

In 1530 he became a councilor to the landgrave and accompanied him to the Augsburg Reichstag . After that he was the Hessian envoy at almost all political negotiations and at the Reichstag. The negotiations of the Schmalkaldic League were of particular importance . In October 1534 were Rudolf Schenk zu Schweinsberg and Philip Chancellor Johann Feige , commissioned and name of the Landgrave before King Ferdinand I , because of the conquest Württemberg prostration and apology rendered and thus the ratio of Philip adjusted to the king. In 1537 he became the Hessian bailiff on the Werra with his official residence in Eschwege Castle . In 1543 and in the following years, Landgrave Philipp regularly appointed him governor in Kassel during his absence . After the arrival of the Saxon Duke Moritz , Philip's son-in-law since January 1541, in Dresden in August 1541, the Landgrave made his councilors Rudolf Schenk zu Schweinsberg, Hermann von Hundelshausen and Heinrich Lersner available to him as advisors, who consequently often interfered with the Hessian and the Saxon court traveled back and forth.

When Landgrave Philipp traveled to Halle in June 1547 to submit to Emperor Charles V , Rudolf Schenk zu Schweinsberg - together with Chancellor Heinrich Lersner and Councilors Simon Bing and Wilhelm von Schachten - became a member of the Landgrave Hessian Regency Council, the Philipps assisted his young son Wilhelm IV and his mother Christine von Sachsen (1505–1549) in the administration of the Landgraviate during Philip's five-year imprisonment, 1547–1552. In this office he died on December 15, 1551 in Kassel.

Marriage and offspring

Rudolf Schenk zu Schweinsberg married on June 14, 1524 Helena von Dörnberg (* 1502; † August 1544), daughter of Wilhelm von Dörnberg and Margarethe von Carben . She died in childbed on August 3, 1544; Landgrave Philipp wrote the widower a letter of comfort three days later. The marriage had twelve children.


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