Russula subsect. Amoeninae

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Russula subsect. Amoeninae
The velvet blubber (Russula amoena) is the type species of the subsection Amoeninae

The velvet blubber ( Russula amoena ) is the type species of the subsection Amoeninae

Class : Agaricomycetes
Subclass : insecure position (incertae sedis)
Order : Russulales (Russulales)
Family : Deaf relatives (Russulaceae)
Genre : Russulas ( Russula )
Subsection : Russula subsect. Amoeninae
Scientific name
Russula subsect. Amoeninae
Melzer & Zvara

Russula subsect. Amoeninae is a subsection of the genus Russula , which is within the section Heterophyllae .


The deafblings of this subsection have hats colored red, purple to purple, green, brown or yellow. Most of the time, the stem is also purple to purple in color, or at least has a hint of it. The hat skin is dull and feels velvety. The taste is mild. Young fruit bodies gradually smell of cooked crabs, older ones also like herring. Typical macrocystids , dermatocystids or laticifera are absent. The hyphae of the cap skin (epicutis) have spherical or ellipsoidal, chain-shaped basal sections. There is a red pigment in vacuoles. The meat and the handle surface react with orange-pink iron sulfate.

The type species is the velvet blubber ( Russula amoena ).


With Singer the Amoeninae have the rank of a subsection which, like with Bon, forms a sister taxon to the Virescentinae . In Romagnesi the taxon has the rank of a group ( Amoena ) and is together with the group Virescens in the section Virescentinae , which in turn is in the subgenus Heterophyllidia . DNA studies show that both groups are actually relatively closely related, so that there is at least some evidence for Romagnesi classification. If the mycorrhizal characteristics are also taken into account , a division into different subsections seems to be justified. At Sarnari , Amoeninae form their own subgenus Amoenula . However, this contradicts the molecular DNA data, according to which the Virescens group and the Amoena group are in the clade of the section Heterophyllae . They cannot therefore be regarded as sister taxons to the Heterophyllae .

Deaf species of the sub-section Amoeninae
German species name Scientific species name author
Patty blubber Russula amoenicolor Quél. (1962)
Violet-stalked deafblings Russula violeipes Romagn. (1898)
Velvet blubber Russula amoena Quél. (1881)

Individual evidence

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