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Northern England (blue) Central England (green) Southern England (yellow)

South England ( English: Southern England) is a not precisely defined term, which in the broadest sense describes the southern part of England below Central England (English: Midlands). In a narrower sense, it only refers to the counties that are on or near the English Channel . In a broader sense, it includes the English administrative regions of South East England , East of England , Greater London and South West England . In some interpretations , South West England forms its own cultural region, the so-called "West Country", and is therefore not included in the definition of southern England.

The border with the Midlands is formed by a rough line from the mouth of the Severn to The Wash . In some definitions, however, Gloucestershire , Herefordshire and Oxfordshire are already part of the Midlands. The landscape of southern England is quite flat, the range of hills with the highest elevation being the Chiltern Hills .

The south of England is often viewed as a region with its own cultural, socio-political and economic identity . It shall be compared to central and northern England (Engl .: Northern England) as a wealthy.

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