SSC Southwest 1947

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SSC Southwest
Steglitzer SC Suedwest 1947 Berlin.jpg
Basic data
Surname Steglitzer Sportclub Südwest 1947 eV
Seat Berlin-Steglitz
founding 1947
Colours Red White
First soccer team
Venue Lessingstrasse sports complex
Places 1,000
league District League, Season 1
2018/19 2nd place

The Steglitzer SC Südwest is a German sports club from Berlin , in which the sports aikido , basketball , boxing , soccer , handball , dancing , gymnastics and volleyball are practiced. In 1962 the handball women of the SSC Südwest became German champions.

Football section

The SSC Südwest was founded on April 15, 1947 and began largely with members of the SG Südwest, which had been in existence since 1945 . The Steglitzer played from 1948 in the Berlin state league, from which they were promoted to the Berlin amateur league in the 1949/50 season .

After a fifth place in the opening season, the Steglitzer started in 1952 together with the BFC Südring in the contract league Berlin . In the associated qualification for the German Amateur Championship , the Berliners failed in the first main round at Hamburg representative ASV Bergedorf 85 with 2: 3. The contract league turned out to be one size too big for the SSC, the club rose again after only one season with Hertha BSC in the amateur league. 1958 threatened renewed relegation, which the SSC was able to avert in relegation games against the NSC Südstern . The SSC made national headlines in the 1969/70 season. After the club had to go into relegation again against relegation, they completed a total of five relegation games against Spandauer BC . After both teams had won their home game (goal difference was not taken into account), the next two play-offs each ended in a draw. Only in the fifth attempt, an absolute novelty in Germany, was the SSC finally able to prevail 3-2 in the 118th minute.

Subsequently, the Steglitzer became a fixture in the amateur league, in which they completed a total of 21 seasons with short interruptions until 1974. After mostly lower midfield placements, in 1974 they were relegated to the state league. The club quickly sank into West Berlin local football up to the district league, but has been able to establish itself again in the district league area since the 1990s. In the 2009/2010 season he was briefly promoted to the Berlin State League, the current division is the Berlin District League. After the direct relegation from the district league to the district league A, the SSC Südwest also succeeded in direct promotion first to the district league and in the 2013/14 season the return to the Berlin regional league.


  • Participation in contract league Berlin: 1952/53
  • Participation in the Berlin Amateur League: 1950/51, 1951/52, 1953/54 to 1961/62, 1964/65 to 1973/74
  • Participation in the German amateur championship: 1952



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