Sam V. Stewart

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Sam V. Stewart

Samuel Vernon "Sam" Stewart (born August 2, 1872 in Monroe County , Ohio , †  September 15, 1939 in Helena , Montana ) was an American lawyer and politician and from 1913 to 1921 the sixth governor of the state of Montana.

Early years

Sam Stewart first attended Kansas Normal College and Kansas State Normal College in Emporia . He then studied law at the University of Kansas . In 1898 he passed the law exam. Stewart then moved to Virginia City , Montana, where he became a community attorney. Between 1904 and 1908 he was a prosecutor in Madison County . In 1910 he became Democratic Chairman at the state level for two years . In 1912 he was nominated by his party as a candidate for the upcoming November gubernatorial election.

Governor of Montana

After his election victory over Republican Harry L. Wilson, Stewart was able to take up his new office on January 6, 1913. After re-election in 1916, he held it until January 2, 1921. A Highway Commission was established during his reign . The Montana Supreme Court was expanded to include two judges. Given the American entry into World War I , an anti-riot law was passed and a Defense Council was established. As in the other states, the governor of Montana also had to ensure that industrial production was converted to armaments requirements and that soldiers were trained. After the war, industrial production then had to be cut back to meet civilian needs.

After the end of his tenure, Stewart temporarily withdrew from politics. In 1930 he returned to the political stage as a member of the House of Representatives in Montana for one legislative period. From 1932 until his death on September 15, 1939, Sam Stewart was a Montana Supreme Court Justice. He was married to Stella Baker, with whom he had three children.

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