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Paul Samuel Widmer Nicolet (born December 24, 1948 in Zuchwil ; † January 18, 2017 in Lüsslingen-Nennigkofen ) was a Swiss doctor , psychiatrist , psychotherapist and author . He was a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy (FMH), worked in his own practice and lived and worked in Lüsslingen-Nennigkofen near Solothurn . Its methods are controversial.

Teaching and practice

Samuel Widmer practiced psycholytic psychotherapy . Until 1993 he had a special license from the BAG (Federal Office of Public Health), which allowed him to perform psycholytic psychotherapies with the substances MDMA and LSD . He was a co-founder of the European College for Consciousness Studies (ECBS) and the "Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Psychotherapy" (SÄPT). Widmer lectured a. a. at the Basel Psychotherapy Days. He led spiritual workshops, meditation and tantra seminars and meditation trips. Widmer lived with two women and had eleven children with both of them. The cherry blossom community arose around Samuel Widmer and his wife Danièle Nicolet , a collective with around 80 adults and 55 children.

The core-shell model

The basic assumption of the model is that in the course of a person's development, “emotional layers” are placed around the “essence” of their psyche . The model should be imagined like an onion, the core of which is the source of our joie de vivre. Around this core, a layer of pain and sadness forms in the course of development due to injuries experienced and not processed. Since these feelings are often perceived as unbearable, another layer of defensive feelings such as anger, aggression, anger and defiance is formed. For this, the child is often punished with withdrawal of love, so that a further layer of adjustment is formed, characterized by feelings such as boredom, weariness, senselessness and depression.

If a person wants to be happy again or to become happier, he has to work his way through these layers. Widmer claims to use legal psycholytic substances such as ketamine and ephedrine for therapeutic support in Switzerland .


In the ARD broadcast “I'll make you healthy!”, Charlatans and false healers were accused of continuing to administer mescaline and MDMA to patients in 2015 due to undercover research . Group sessions with patients would degenerate into “drug trips”. He was described in the program as a "dubious healer", his methods are life-threatening. They were held responsible for serious damage to the health of one patient and for deaths in patients of his students.

The Tages-Anzeiger reported in March 2015 that the Swiss police were investigating Widmer for violating the Narcotics Act. In 2009, in a therapy session, he had severe symptoms of poisoning among participants; further cases of poisoning occurred outside of his practice due to his therapeutic methods. In his cherry blossom community he enjoys the rank of guru, and reports from dropouts indicate that he keeps his followers in sect-like dependence.

In 2017, the screenwriter Ariela Bogenberger reported in Petra K. Wagner's documentary Get out of her 18-year membership (1997-2015) in the sect-like cherry blossom community of Widmer.

The authors Markus Thöß and Harriet Kloss von 37 Grad use the example of the actress Sabine Bundschu to describe the life-threatening experiences of the cherry blossom community, which is sect-led by Widmer . The dangerous therapy methods are very costly (50,000 €) and caused a stroke at Bundschu.

Works (selection)

  • Out of the silence. Short cuts to enlightment . Basic Edition, Basel 1997, ISBN 3-906410-37-4 .
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  • Listen to the heart of things. From the awakening of love; about MDMA and LSD; the unwanted therapy . Nachtschatten-Verlag, Solothurn 2002, ISBN 3-907080-03-3 .
  • The emperor's nudity, the emperor's stupidity. Of friendships and enmities . Basic Edition, Gerolfingen 2003, ISBN 3-9521758-9-7 .
  • Tantra - a textbook on the love of the art of living , with Marianne Principi, Basic Editions, Nennigkofen 2016, ISBN 978-3-9524413-3-6 .


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