Santa Marta Capuchin Monkey

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Santa Marta Capuchin Monkey
Santa Marta Capuchin Monkey in Tayrona National Park

Santa Marta Capuchin Monkey in Tayrona National Park

Partial order : Monkey (anthropoidea)
without rank: New World Monkey (Platyrrhini)
Family : Capuchins (Cebidae)
Subfamily : Capuchin monkey (Cebinae)
Genre : Unhealed Capuchins ( Cebus )
Type : Santa Marta Capuchin Monkey
Scientific name
Cebus malitiosus
Elliot , 1909

The Santa Marta capuchin monkey ( Cebus malitiosus , syn .: C. albifrons malitiosus ) is a species of primate from the family of the capuchin species that occurs in northeastern Colombia. The very small distribution area includes only the northern and western areas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the Colombian Department del Magdalena .

Distribution areas of the uncapped capuchin monkey in northern Colombia, red - Santa Marta capuchin ,
blue - white-headed capuchin monkey ( C. leucocephalus ),
yellow - Rio Cesar capuchin monkey ( C. cesarae ),
orange - Colombia capuchin monkey ( C. versicolor )


The Santa Marta capuchin monkey reaches a head-trunk length of about 45 cm and has a tail of about the same length. The back, sides of the body and the outsides of arms and legs are cinnamon brown, the belly and throat are ocher, yellow brown or cinnamon brown with a silvery sheen. The light complexion extends to the shoulder area and the inner sides of the upper arms. The head cap is brown.

Way of life

The Santa Marta capuchin monkey lives in lowland forests and mountain forests. Nutrition, reproduction and other behaviors have not yet been researched in detail.


The Santa Marta capuchin monkey was described in 1909 by the American zoologist Daniel Giraud Elliot . The Mammaloge Philip Hershkovitz ordered the shape of the 1949 White-fronted capuchin monkeys ( Cebus albifrons to) as a subspecies. Molecular genetic analyzes suggest that the Santa Marta capuchin monkey should be classified as a separate species. Together with the other northern Colombian species, the species was isolated by the central and eastern Cordilleras , probably 1.5 million ago, from the unconscious capuchin monkeys of the Amazon lowlands and from the Central American white-shouldered capuchin ( Cebus capucinus ).


The IUCN sees the population of the Santa Marta capuchin monkey as endangered, mainly due to the very small and human fragmented distribution area of ​​only around 3000 km².


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