Schönebecker SV 1861

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SSV 1861 Schönebeck
Coat of arms of Schönebecker SV 1861
Basic data
Seat Schönebeck , Saxony-Anhalt
founding September 12, 1861
resolution June 30, 2016 (merger with SSC to form Union 1861 Schönebeck )
Colours Red White
Website Schö
First soccer team
Venue Barbarastrasse
Places 8,000

The Schönebecker Sportverein 1861 Schönebeck e. V. was a sports club in the city of Schönebeck . Like local rivals Schönebecker SC 1861 , the club was one of the two largest sports clubs in the city.


MTV 1861

In addition to the Schönebecker SV 1861, the city also had the Schönebecker SC 1861 . The similarity of the club names is due to the common past, both clubs referred in their history to the men's gymnastics club founded on September 12, 1861. Until the Second World War, MTV was based in the Salzelmen district, but SV 1861 later built its sports facilities south of the city center.

BSG engine

Historical logo of the BSG

After the club ban initiated by the Soviet occupying power in the post-war period and the restriction of sports competitions to the local level, several loosely organized sports communities were founded in Schönebeck in 1946, including the SG Altstadt, which was later renamed SG Organa. After the reorganization of the sports business in the GDR by company sports associations (BSG), SG Organa was converted into BSG Motor Schönebeck. The name Motor stands for the assignment to the central sports association for mechanical engineering and vehicle construction, because the tractors and diesel engine plants in Schönebeck acted as sponsors for the BSG . The “Sports Forum of German-Soviet Friendship” was available as a sports facility and was expanded to accommodate 7,000 spectators by 1989.

Football in the GDR

The soccer section developed into the largest sports department of the BSG. Until 1952 she was represented in the third-class state league Saxony-Anhalt. After the abolition of the states in the GDR and the establishment of districts, the BSG Motor played in the district league Magdeburg. There she was district champion in 1954 and thus qualified for the second-rate GDR league . However, in the 1954/55 season she only reached the 13th and penultimate place in season 2 (center) and had to return to the district league. It took three years before Motor secured promotion through the renewed regional championship, which this time however led to the second GDR league, which was established in 1955 as the third football class. Here the team moved from 1959 to midfield for four years, but fell victim to the liquidation of the Second GDR League in 1962 and had to return to the district league as seventh in the table. Motor Schönebeck stayed here until 1973, when the third district championship title allowed them to be promoted again to the second-rate GDR league. Although the level with five seasons of twelve teams was not very high, Motor ended up in last place with only three wins after the 1973/74 season and, as in 1955, had to return to the district league after a year. This time, too, it took several years, and only through the waiver of the district champion Vorwärts Havelberg was Motor Schönebeck able to make the third attempt in the GDR league in 1982. In the season 1982/83 the league could be secured for the first time with rank 9, but a year later rank 11 meant relegation again. In 1986, the district championship title was no longer automatically enough for promotion, but with a 2nd place in the promotion round, the motor players once again made it to the second division. Although the league was now more difficult after reducing the league to two seasons, the BSG Motor was now able to hold up to the end of the GDR game operations in the GDR league. However, since they were only bottom of the table in 1990, this only meant football at national level for the future.

FDGB Cup 1988/89

In the 1988/89 round of the GDR Cup , BSG Motor was able to advance to the round of 16, uniquely in its history. After a clear 5: 2 win over league rivals Stahl Riesa , the current seventh Hansa Rostock was sensationally eliminated 1: 0 in the second round . In the second round, the motor players then met the reigning GDR champions BFC Dynamo . At the end of regular time it was 2: 2, but Dynamo had the longer breath in extra time and finally won 6: 2.

Installation of BSG Motor Schönebeck
Markus Henkel

Heiko Bergmann
Torsten Fröhling, Burkhard Knobbe *, Dirk Ahlfänger
Thomas Wilke, Dirk Ketzer, Wolfgang Steinbach
Bert Müller **, René Dörfel, Günter Klomhuß

* Michael Steffen, ** Thomas Scheffler

League statistics from BSG Motor

From 1951 to 1990, BSG Motor Schönebeck constantly shuttled back and forth between third and second class. In the second-rate GDR league, the team played a total of eight seasons, in which they achieved 59 wins and 62 draws and suffered 107 defeats. With 180 points from 228 games, Motor is in 75th place in the Eternal GDR League table and thus well ahead of local rivals Chemie Schönebeck , who are only 174th.

  • 1951/52 State League Saxony-Anhalt
  • 1952–1954 District League Magdeburg
  • 1954/55 GDR League
  • 1956–1958 District League Magdeburg
  • 1959–1962 2nd GDR League
  • 1963–1973 District League Magdeburg
  • 1973/74 GDR League
  • 1974–1982 District League Magdeburg
  • 1982–1984 GDR League
  • 1984–1986 District League Magdeburg
  • 1986–1990 GDR League

GDR national and league players

The most famous football players, the brothers Roland and Peter Ducke, emerged from the ranks of BSG Motor.

  • Roland Ducke started at SG Altstadt in 1946, the predecessor of BSG Motor, and moved to SC Motor Jena in 1955 at the age of 21 , where he played 344 league games and was GDR champion twice. He was appointed to the GDR national team 37 times.
  • Peter Ducke also began his football career at Motor Schönebeck and followed his brother to Jena in 1959 at the age of 17. There he completed 352 league games in which he scored 153 goals. He was three times GDR champion and 68 times in the national team.

In addition, other GDR league players went through the BSG Motor:

Surname at BSG Motor from, to League games Others
Jörg Dobritz 1989 from 1. FC Magdeburg 44
Torsten Fröhling 1987-1989 from the 1st FCM - 4 Bundesliga games (HSV, St. Pauli)
Uwe Grüning 1980 ff from the 1st FCM 19th 56 junior / junior international matches
Dirk Ketzer 1988-1991 from Union Berlin 5
Thomas Kluge - 1988 to 1. FCM,
later Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt
Burkhard Knobbe 1988-1991 from the 1st FCM 13 13 international junior matches
Wolfgang Steinbach 1987-1988 from the 1st FCM 337 28 international matches
Frank diaper tape 1989-1991 from the 1st FCM 129 56 junior / junior international matches

After 1990

With the political change of 1989 and under the new economic conditions, further support of the previous sponsoring companies ceased. In 1990 the company sports association was transformed into the registered association Schönebecker SV 1861. In addition to football, it also offers volleyball, swimming, orienteering, table tennis, badminton, archery, bowling and chess.

The first soccer team played from 1990 with the exception of the seasons 2003/04 and 2004/05 in the fifth-rate association league Saxony-Anhalt . In 2008 he was relegated to the regional league, from then on to the seventh division. In 2015, the SV rose as the bottom of the table in the national league in the national class (8th league). The 2015/16 season ended with the SSV as champions of the season 2 national class.

With effect from July 1, 2016, Schönebecker SC 1861 joined the SSV. The SSV then changed its name to Union 1861 Schönebeck . The first football team took over the relegation place of the SSC in the regional league north, the second team starts the new season in the national class 2 due to the fact that the SSV waived promotion. The A, B and C juniors play in the respective association leagues of their age group.

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