Shadow of passion (film)

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German title Shadow of passion
Original title The Wrong Man
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1993
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Jim McBride
script Roy Carlson , Michael Thoma
production Frederick Schneier
music Los Lobos
camera Affonso Beato
cut Lisa Zeno Churgin

Young and the Restless (Original title: The Wrong Man , alternative German title: Dark Passion ) is an American TV thriller from 1993. The director led Jim McBride , the writer wrote Roy Carlson and Michael Thoma . The main roles were played by Rosanna Arquette , Kevin Anderson and John Lithgow .


The Boston Alex Walker kills the lover of his girlfriend and takes on the freighter Starfish shelter. In Mexico he meets the smuggler Felix Crawley, who steals his wallet. Walker wants to get his money back, he goes to see Crawley. This is already dying, Walker takes the murder weapon.

The police find the wallet with a Walker ID card, which they are now looking for. The investigation is led by the experienced Captain Diaz, who would prefer to sleep instead, and his ardent deputy Ortega. Walker hides in a vehicle owned by the Americans Phillip Mills and his wife Missy. Phillip and Missy take Walker with them.

Missy starts an affair with Alex and wants to leave Phillip. He is fed up with his wife's infidelity and constant humiliation. He wants to take Missy and Alex to a train station so that the two of them can take a train. On the way, however, Missy changes her mind, she wants to stay with Phillip. The police appear, led by Diaz and Ortega, and there is a shooting. Ortega mistakenly shoots Phillip. While Diaz dies, Diaz says he knows Phillip is Felix Crawley's real killer.


The magazine TV direkt 2/2006 described the film as devilish and as the greatest success of Rosanna Arquette . The portrayal of Rosanna Arquette was described as hot , but the film generally as lukewarm . A lot of banging, little crackling - the TV guide writes boring online.

The TV Today magazine praised the Los Lobos film music on .

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