Lešná Castle (Zlín)

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Lešná Castle

The Lešná Castle (German Castle Leschna ) is located seven kilometers northeast of the city of Zlín on the corridors of Štípa in the Freetown Valley ( Fryštácká brázda ) in the Czech Republic . The building surrounded by the Lešná Zoo is located between the towns of Fryšták , Vitová, Lukov , Štípa, Kostelec and Dolní Ves. In the east lies the Fryšták dam.


The rule Freistadtl - Luckow - Kralitz belonged to the Counts of Seilern since 1724 . In 1751 a Primogenitur - Entrepreneurship was established from it . Since Lukov Castle , located on a mountain above Freistadtl, had already been abandoned around 1750 and the goods administration had been relocated to the village of Lukov, the castle then fell into ruin, the Counts Seilern-Aspang built the Lešná Castle as a new one in 1887-94 Center of power. They held the properties in Freistadtl, Luckow and Kralitz until they were expelled in 1945. They then moved to Litschau Castle in the Waldviertel.

The Lešná Castle was built from 1887 to 1894 according to the designs of the architects J. Micek and Viktor Siedek in historicism according to the most modern state of the art at the time. It consists of a richly designed roof with numerous roof cores, turrets and chimneys as well as decorative shutters, balconies, stone balustrades and terraces. The interior contains numerous carvings and rich inlays . Porcelain, silver, paintings and furniture objects as well as an oriental collection are exhibited. Johann Baptist Wiesbaur was in charge of the natural science collections of Count von Seilern and Aspang until his death as curator.

The 52-hectare palace park with old trees was laid out in the English style in 1884–1888 . Until the end of the war in 1945, it was home to a zoo owned by Count Josef von Seilern and Aspang . The “ Lešná Zoo ” was built in its place in 1948 and now houses 240 species of animals, including numerous birds, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and gorillas.

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Coordinates: 49 ° 16 '30.1 "  N , 17 ° 43' 2.7"  E