Buchlov Castle

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Hrad Buchlov (Buchlau Castle)
Buchlov Castle

Buchlov Castle

Creation time : around 1250
Conservation status: well preserved
Place: Buchlovice
Geographical location 49 ° 6 '27 "  N , 17 ° 18' 39"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 6 '27 "  N , 17 ° 18' 39"  E
Height: 496  m
Buchlov Castle (Czech Republic)
Buchlov Castle

The Buchlov Castle (German Buchlau ) is one of the oldest preserved castles in the Czech Republic . It is located near Stupava in the Martian Mountains .


Buchlov Castle is located on a 520 m high lookout rock near Buchlovice . It was probably built around 1250 by the Bohemian king as a strategic fortress and also served as an administrative and hunting residence. It was first mentioned in writing in 1300 Burgrave Protiv von Buchlov. The oldest part of the castle is the storm tower with thick masonry. This is followed by the residential complex, which is connected to another tower. In the 15th century, the Lords of Zahradka had the north wing built. The next pawnbrokers were the lords of Cimburg , who also had the great knight's hall built .

The ruling lords of Žerotín from 1520–1544 united the Buchlov lordship with the Buchlovice lordship. The next owner, Johann Ždánský von Zástřizl, arranged for a renovation in the Renaissance style and established an art collection. After the Ždánský von Zástřizl family died out, the castle fell to the Peterswald von Peterswald family in 1644. They had the castle fortified and erected the baroque gates. In 1701 they moved to the newly built Buchlovice Castle . In 1763 the Buchlov lordship and the Buchlovice lordship passed into the possession of the Counts of Berchtold, who remained the owners until 1945.

After the castle had lost its protective function, the culturally committed Counts Berchtold concentrated on the interior furnishings and furnished the rooms with scientific and exotic collections, which they made accessible to the public as early as 1850. The late Gothic knight's hall is also worth seeing . In good weather, the tower offers a wide view of Lower Moravia.

Lowczowe prawo

Until 1748, the castle had blood jurisdiction. The Lowczowe prawo ( hunting court ) consisted of the twelve hereditary hunters from Stříbrnice , three councilors each from Polešovice , Boršice and Buchlovice and two councilors each from Tupesy and Zlechov . The chairmanship ( Starosta ) was always held by one of the Stříbrnica hunters. Some councilors from Uherské Hradiště were also invited to the meetings . The court were subject to the villages of Babice , Boršice, Břestek , Buchlovice, Dolní Moštěnice , Domanín , Hýsly , Jalubí , Ježov , Kostelec , Labuty , Lhota, Medlovice , Moravany , Osvětimany , Polešovice, Roštín , Skalka , Traplice , Tučapy , Tupesy, Újezdec , Vážany , Vřesovice , Žádovice , Žeravice , Zlámanec and Zlechov.


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