Neuenbürg Castle

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Neuenbürg Castle
place Neuenbürg / Enzkreis / Northern Black Forest
Museum of culture, art and regional history
opening 2001
Jacqueline Maltzahn-Redling
Neuenbürg palace garden
Gatekeeper cottage
View of the exhibition "Once upon a time in mass media - digital montages by Margret Eicher" (2013)
Neuenbürg Castle - view from the east
Neuenbürg Palace - inner courtyard
Schlossberg Neuenbürg - Castle and St. George's Church

Geographical location

The Neuenbürg Castle is located in Baden-Württemberg , 12 km southwest of Pforzheim on a Umlaufberg the Enz above Neuenbürg .


The original castle, which was built as a 'Novum Castrum' with a ring wall and moat, dates back to the founding of the Counts of Vaihingen in the 13th century. In 1285 the castle was acquired by King Rudolf von Habsburg and thus briefly passed into imperial possession. In 1320 it came into the possession of Count Eberhard I of Württemberg , who wanted to secure the western border to Baden. There are still considerable remains of the medieval castle, which was probably the same size as it is today.

Under Duke Christoph von Württemberg , construction of the new castle began around 1550. Hans Hertz, Jochen Maier and, in 1557, Aberlin Tretsch are named as builders . Neuenbürg was to serve as a residence for members of the ducal family. In the 17th century, a short-lived branch line Württemberg-Neuenbürg was created twice . To this day, the building consists of two main wings tapering towards each other, which are connected to form a square in the west by a bridge and in the east by a wall.

Despite several attempts - in 1617 the hilltop was leveled on the south side and a pleasure garden and a water pipe built by the master builder Heinrich Schickhardt - Neuenbürg never became a ducal residence. In 1638 ( Thirty Years' War ) the castle and town of Neuenbürg were plundered, people were expelled and the fields were destroyed. After a fire around 1650, the north wing was rebuilt between 1652 and 1659, and the remaining buildings were renovated. However, the south wing still has its original simple three-storey form of a functional building from the Renaissance . The portal on the west wing through which you enter the castle courtyard today still bears the year 1658 clearly visible.

Neuenbürg Castle was inhabited by ducal officials and was the seat of authorities and offices. In 1726, the forestry office previously located in Bad Wildbad moved in . From 1940 the castle rooms were used as apartments and a painting studio. From 1967 the painter and sculptor Hans Ludwig Pfeiffer had his work space in the castle. The State Forestry Office was housed here until 2004, which was transferred from the state of Baden-Württemberg to the district forestry office of the Enzkreis through an administrative reform.


After extensive and several years of renovation work on the building, a branch museum of the Baden State Museum was set up in 2001 and a restaurant opened. The first part of the museum is the multimedia staging of the fairy tale The Cold Heart by Wilhelm Hauff . The fateful story of the charcoal burner Peter Munk is told in six accessible scenes. In the second part with regional historical reference, such as There are remarkable finds from the Latène period and the Middle Ages , for example on rafting in the northern Black Forest .


Since 2003, two changing exhibitions on cultural and historical topics have been held annually in the south wing. Guest at Schloss Neuenbürg u. a. the Freiburg cartoonist Peter Gaymann (2009) and the traveling exhibition Duckomenta (2010). In the forum for contemporary art , art exhibitions in Schloss Neuenbürg were also curated annually until 2013. The exhibited artists include a. Stefan Strumbel , Margret Eicher , Simone Demandt , Christina Kubisch and Sinje Dillenkofer. In the exhibition “New artist ceramics from Karlsruhe majolica”, curated in the castle cellar in 2008, works and a. shown by Ottmar Hörl , Thaddäus Hüppi and Joachim Czichon and Daniel Wagenblast .


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Coordinates: 48 ° 50 ′ 49 ″  N , 8 ° 35 ′ 30 ″  E

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  1. The castle was probably named as the 'New Castle' in contrast to the older castle in the nearby Straubenhardt.
  2. ^ Peter Rückert: Neuenbürg - Castle, City and Office in the Middle Ages . S. 74 .