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The Shalom Prize has been awarded annually by the Shalom Working Group for Justice and Peace at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt since 1982 . It goes to people or projects who work for human rights.

The Shalom Working Group for Justice and Peace

The working group was founded in 1981 by students, inspired by the international Justitia-et-Pax movement. The working group sees itself as a human rights organization . Students from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and citizens of the city of Eichstätt are involved in this on a voluntary basis. It is legally accredited as the official working group of the Student Convention and therefore part of this body.

The aim of the working group is to make a contribution to global peace and the protection of human rights. These include a sustainable lifestyle, awareness-raising measures (church services, vigils, seminars, etc.) as well as the annual award of the Shalom Prize.

The Shalom Prize

The Shalom Prize is an ideal and material award that the working group awards every year to a personality or group who is committed to justice and peace in their country. Often the focus is on an oppressed people or an oppressed minority . The award is given to people who:

  • out of their human disposition
  • using their lives and their personal freedom
  • for justice, peace, freedom for all, solidarity with the oppressed, tolerance,
  • work for a just economic order, democracy and protection of the environment and thus help to protect and promote the realization of human rights.

The shalom price is made up entirely of donations that flow into the project in full, without any deductions for administrative costs. In this way, over 20,000 euros each time could be collected in one year. Years later, the working group stayed in contact with the award winners and tried to sensitize local society to the problems of the respective countries.

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