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Shanachie Records is an American independent label that was founded in 1976 by Richard Nevins and Dan Collins in Canada .

Originally it specialized in Irish folk , fiddle music and other folk music and released the records of Planxty , Clannad and The Chieftains .

Over the years, country , reggae and soul records were added. With the emerging world music movement, the label repertoire grew to include numerous musical genres from all over the world, including Ska , African and Latin American music . In 2007 the CD of the Soweto Gospel Choir won a Grammy .

In 1989 Yazoo Records was bought by Nick Perls . Since then, Shanachie has also released classic jazz and blues albums. The recordings of the television series Jazz Scene USA are distributed on DVD.

The name is derived from the English transcription of the Gaelic word seanchaí for storyteller. The pronunciation is roughly, depending on the country, "Scha-nahie", "Schä-nahie" or "Schoh-nahie".

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