Shape (magazine)

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description Fitness and lifestyle magazine
language German
publishing company Ocean Global ( Germany )
Headquarters Kiel
First edition October 29, 1998
Frequency of publication ten times a year
Sold edition 105,867 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Widespread edition 105,986 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Range 0.26 million readers
( MA 2020 I )
ISSN (print)

Shape (of English to keep in shape , keep fit ' ) is a US-based fitness - and lifestyle - magazine for women with licensed editions in over twenty countries. The thematic focus of the national editions in different languages ​​is on physical activity and a healthy diet.

The first edition of Shape was published by Weider Publications in 1981 , which was acquired by American Media in 2002 . In January 2015 the magazine was resold to the Meredith Corporation .

The German edition was published monthly by the Marquard Media Group from October 29, 1998 and taken over by the Bauer Media Group in May 2012 . From September 2019 Shape was produced together with Closer , InTouch and Joy by a joint editorial team in Hamburg led by Angela Meier-Jakobsen . Previously, the editorial office was in Munich . Since January 2020, the German edition has been published ten times a year by the Kiel publishing house Ocean Global, which has acquired a license for it from the Bauer Media Group. The sold circulation is 105,867 copies, a decrease of 29.9 percent since 1999.

In January 2019 Shape launched together with Sophia Thiel , the Sophia Thiel magazine . The second edition of the magazine, planned for May 2019, was not published after Thiel had temporarily withdrawn from social media for personal reasons.

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