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Siegfried Gottwald (2004)

Siegfried Johannes Gottwald (born March 30, 1943 in Limbach ; † September 20, 2015 ) was a German mathematician , logician and historian of science who was best known for his contributions to set theory and logic.

Live and act

Gottwald studied mathematics at the University of Leipzig from 1961 to 1966 . He then worked as a research assistant and in 1969 when Dieter Klaua with the work construction of numerical ranges, and the fundamentals of content theory in a polyvalent set theory to Dr. rer. nat. PhD . In 1972 he obtained the facultas docendi and in 1977 his habilitation . At the Philosophy Section of the University of Leipzig, he became a lecturer for mathematical logic in 1979, associate professor in 1987 and full professor for non-classical and mathematical logic in 1992.

His main research area were fuzzy sets and fuzzy methods, as well as multi-valued logic and the history of mathematics and logic. He was co-editor of the Lexicon of Famous Mathematicians .

Gottwald was Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig for several years . In 2008 he retired .

Gottwald was married and had three children.

Awards and honors


Gottwald published over 150 articles in scientific journals, edited volumes and encyclopedias.


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